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Appetizer biscuits with jumari

Appetizer biscuits with jumari

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The halves are passed through the robot and mixed first with eggs and spices then with kefir and finally with flour mixed with the guarantor for leavened dough.

I also specified in other recipes, I like this guarantee for leavened dough, from Dr. Oetker, because it combines baking powder with yeast and baking soda, and the dishes come out very tender and should not be left to leaven for more than 15 minutes.

We get a dough that is not very thick, but non-sticky, which we put in the fridge for 15 minutes, then form balls the size of a tennis ball.

We spread the spheres in a round shape the size of the waffle maker and bake them for two minutes each, or depending on the strength of the appliance, as long as they are nicely browned.

To make sure they are well cooked, I tested the first one.

They are served as appetizers, either simple with a cup of yogurt, or why not spread with various cream cheeses.

They are very good, both hot and cold, and especially the next day because they freeze better.

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