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Christmas Gifts for the Traveler

Christmas Gifts for the Traveler

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Give them what they really need with advice from the experts

Check the travelers off your list with these great gifts.

You made your list, and you checked it twice. But no matter how much you rack your brain, sometimes finding the perfect gift just doesn’t come as naturally as you’d like it to. You want to grab not only something that they want, but something that they need — something that they can use to start the new year off on the right foot. In order to find that perfect gift you don’t need a Christmas miracle, you just need The Daily Meal and our panel of experts.

To help you tackle your epic Christmas list this year, we sought the help of some of the top editors and planners in the entertaining world who know a thing or two about choosing the best gifts. With no personal product agenda, we asked them to help us decide which gifts are the "must-haves" this season. We asked them to nominate what they believe are the absolute best gifts for each of seven types of "food lovers" (the host, the beer/wine drinker, the coffee/tea drinker, the cook, the baker, the wannabe food critic, and the traveler).

After selecting an excellent variety of gift selections, we decided to present the top gifts from each category in seven gift guides to help make your holiday shopping trips slightly less frantic.

A person who has incurable food wanderlust is a force to be reckoned with. These people will travel everywhere and anywhere to take their taste buds on an adventure. But the road that leads to their destination is paved with useful gadgets, books, and ideas to make their trip a total success!

To really wow someone who makes the holiday season merry and bright, make sure you get them something (or everything if you are super generous) from our professionally picked list!

For more holiday cheer, visit The Daily Meal’s Ultimate Guide to Christmas!

17 Last-Minute Christmas Gifts That Are Still Very Thoughtful

You don’t need to apologize or make an excuse if you’re buying last-minute Christmas gifts we certainly won’t judge. Life gets in the way, even when you swear this is the year you’ll start—and finish—holiday shopping early. Did you just run out of time, as you tried to sort how your holidays would look after an outlier of a year? No sweat. Are you a lifelong procrastinator, or still feel stuck on ideas? Allow us to share some of our favorite last-minute finds, all with a connection to travel, whether they make ideal stocking stuffers or something bigger. Perhaps the biggest gift of all: Order ASAP and rest easy knowing they’ll arrive with time to spare.

This gallery was originally published in December 2019. It has been updated with new information.

All products featured on Condé Nast Traveler are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

25+ Homemade Christmas Gifts

Christmas is sneaking upon us once again. It seems to do that every year. Over the years I’ve learned that the best way to have a stress-free Christmas is to plan ahead. Anything I can get done before the busyness starts the better. It’s something I believe in so much I wrote a book about it, A Stress-Free Christmas: A Complete How-To Guide.

One thing I love to do is give homemade gifts. Homemade Christmas gifts are a great way to give a unique gift, often save money, and the gift will be much more meaningful. It’s so much fun to watch someone open a gift that you made them. I know I love receiving homemade gifts as well.

The only issue with DIY Christmas gifts is the time they take to make. I have spent too many Christmases rushing to finish homemade gifts at the last minute, it’s terribly stressful.

Most gifts can be made ahead of time, even a lot of food gifts can be made ahead and frozen. I always plan to make gifts throughout the year but I have to say that didn’t happen this year. Starting now will still help reduce the stress though.

When planning on making homemade gifts also be realistic with your time. You most likely can’t sew quilts for everyone on your list if you start in September. Be sure to consider how much time you really have and how long something will take. Also, remember that homemade gifts can start to get pricey, you don’t want to blow your budget making them. When looking for supplies check out Michaels and Amazon for good deals.

Making time for making gifts is also important. My eBook A Stress-Free Christmas: A Complete How-To Guide can really help with that. It gives you a lot of great information on preparing for Christmas so you can reduce your stress and have a memorable Christmas.

I’ve spent some time looking through Pinterest and some of my favorite blogs for gifts you can start making now. There are some great options on this list and even more on my Pinterest board Everything Christmas.

Heavy Duty BBQ Grilling Tools Set

Accompanying every good grill has to be a solid tool set, and there aren’t many better than this.

This tool set features stainless steel grilling accessories that are as durable as they are beautiful. Included is a grill spatula, a basting brush, a grill fork, and a pair of tongs.

All the essentials, all in one place.

OK Boomer, These Are the Gifts for Millennials That They Actually Want

Buying a gift for a millennial can be tough, especially when you're not sure what the latest fad is, or even who actually qualifies as a millennial. Don't stress. We've asked our team of millennial editors to share the products that they'd be thrilled to receive as a gift, and then rounded up 36 trendy items that won't let your recipient down.

From avocado-themed everything, to cold brew coffee makers, tie-dye sweats, and indoor gardening gadgets, there's something here for every millennial &mdash no matter their interests.

There's no denying that millennials are glued to their phones. But they might not know that their phone is actually dirtier than a toilet seat.

They can relax knowing that this HoMedics sanitizer kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses on smartphones. Simply plug it in and let it work its UV-light magic in just 30 seconds per side.

It's all about instant gratification these days, so turn their digital memories into physical keepsakes with a click of a button.

The second-generation HP Sprocket is a cool portable photo printer designed to work with Apple iPhone and Android smartphones via a free app.

An umbrella that&rsquos hands-free, stands up on its own, and prevents water from dripping all over the place? Genius. They&rsquoll thank you the next time they get caught in a downpour.

There's never enough coffee in a millennial&rsquos life to get them through the day. With this cold brew maker, they can have cup after cup on the house and not spend all their money at Starbucks.

Gravity blankets are the latest craze when it comes to helping people relax, destress, and get better sleep. But any millennial will love cuddling up underneath it during their Netflix-bingeing sessions.

A great gift for millennials is a gift card for Daily Harvest's healthy smoothies, harvest bowls, and soups &mdash they'll help keep them from impulsively ordering takeout. All items come prepared and simply need to be blended or heated before serving.

These comfy, wear-everywhere calfskin sneakers combine a classic tennis shoe design with sustainable, eco-friendly materials. Their clean, white design is complemented by a punch of colorful pastels for a versatile style that can be dressed up or down.

If your millennial has a plant-killing problem, this Click and Grow indoor garden will make growing their favorite flowers, herbs, fruits, and veggies as simple as possible. A built-in water reservoir will give each plant the right amount of water, and an adjustable LED lamp makes it perfect for setting in a spot that doesn't have too much natural sunlight.

Also great: Its clean, minimalistic design won't intrude upon the sophisticated ambiance of their home.

Help them do their part by saving the planet in a cute way. This reusable straw pack comes with a gem of your choice at its base, combining two millennial trends in one tiny package.

Tie-dye loungewear is having a major moment. This cheery sky blue sweatshirt is a comfy, yet trendy statement piece with raised seams and a raw edge hem. Complete the look with a pair of matching sweatpants.

Pamper your millennial to the max with a trio of skin-soothing self-care products from Herbivore. Included, an exfoliating Coco Rose Body polish will buff away dry spots, while the Prism 20% AHA + 5% BHA Exfoliating Glow Facial will give her face a healthy glow.

And throughout the day, she can spritz her skin with the Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist to feel nourished and refreshed.

When they're not working on a computer, they're on their phones. When they're not on their phones, they're watching TV.

If your millennial could use a digital detox, this kit contains eight analog essentials, like an alarm clock, eye mask, fidget cube, three-minute timer, and more, that'll help make them less dependent on eye-straining screens.

This sleek geometric glass is supremely stately, yet dainty enough for any minimalist-loving millennial. Whether they go straight for the scotch or stir up a sippable cocktail, they'll adore the rugged look of their outlined edges and the weighted feel of sturdy, hand-blown glass.

If they&rsquore always staying up on the latest beauty trends and hacks, they&rsquoll love this Skin Laundry pillowcase. It&rsquos made with silver-ion technology that helps reduce blemish-causing bacteria by 99.9% while you sleep. The bundle comes with an acne-fighting face wash that together will promote clearer skin.

You might not have heard of Glossier, but trust us, they&rsquoll know what it is. And this set will give them all the hydration they&rsquoll need. It comes with the brand's Milky Jelly Cleanser, Priming Moisturizer, and Balm Dotcom.

Our director of SEO & content Erica Murphy recommends the Apple AirPods as a great, no-fail gift for millennials.

"I think the Airpods are the best truly wireless earbuds on the market &mdash and I&rsquove tested my fair share. They&rsquore super comfortable, the sound is decent, and they fit pretty seamlessly into my ears. It helps that I&rsquom an Apple user all around, so they connect to all my devices without any issue.

"I was wary of the steep price when I first bought them for myself, but I think they would make the perfect gift for any millennial. Plus, there are so many fun accessories for them to help differentiate your pair from everyone else&rsquos."

Caitlyn Fitzpatrick, our news & trends editor, is obsessed with this massage tool and thinks it makes a quirky but useful gift for millennials.

"Whether it&rsquos over our desks or over our phones, we spend a lot of time hunching over our screens. Plus, all the stress we get? We&rsquore bound to get knots in our backs and necks.

"The Q-Flex has helped me dig into hard-to-reach spots and made the knots I tend to get in my neck a lot better. If that&rsquos not enough, Barbara Corcoran and Mark Cuban invested in the product on Shark Tank!"

Our executive director Christine Anderson is one of the thousands of fans of this crazy-fun card game.

"Just like Cards Against Humanity, this is an &lsquoadults-only&rsquo game &ndash and for good reason! It&rsquos a freaking blast, the captions are inappropriate as all hell, and the photo cards are just straight up naughty.

"The rules are simple: you pick a meme from a stack of large photo sized cards. Everyone else picks a saying or caption card that they think you&rsquoll find most relatable to the card. The funniest caption card giver gets the points for that round! Get ready to laugh until your cheeks hurt and you feel like you actually did sit-ups."

Whatever inspirational quote will get them through the week day, it'll look way better on this cinematic light box. It comes with 200 assorted letters, so they'll never run out of fun things to spell.

Our senior home decor editor Melanie Yates recommends this coffee table book as a great gift for millennials and homebodies.

"As any millennial knows, home is where the houseplants are. The Little Book of House Plants and Other Greenery is an adorable, design-y coffee table book that also makes the perfect gift for any plant parent, green thumb, or apartment gardener in your life.

"It covers 60 varieties of popular houseplants and provides all of the info that they&rsquod ever need to know about each plant&rsquos watering frequency, light exposure, and even propagation abilities! It&rsquos also a fun book just to flip through, as its photos are so bright and cheerful."

If they don&rsquot already love essential oils, they will after using this ASAKUKI diffuser. It has an easy-to-clean 500-milliliter water tank and can light up in seven different LED light colors.

Anyone &mdash millennial or not &mdash will be so excited to jump onto this giant bean bag if you gift it to them. Besides, couches mean they're becoming an actual adult.

Making that famous hangover special has never been easier, faster, or more streamlined thanks to this all-in-one Breakfast Sandwich Maker from Hamilton Beach.

They can load all of their favorite ingredients &mdash from fresh veggies to eggs, cheese, and bread &mdash into each individual tray and watch the magic happen.

If you have a travel junkie millennial in your life, they&rsquoll go bonkers for an Away carry-on. It comes with a built-in battery that can charge their phone up to four times, so they can stay connected no matter how long the journey.

Millennial plant parents will adore this green-minded gift, complete with everything they need to create their own terrarium. The DIY set includes six assorted succulents, cacti mix, lava rocks, sand, and a sphere-shaped glass bowl. Plus, it comes with a set of instructions to ensure their plants' longterm success.

Your bud-loving millennial bestie will obsess over this chic cannabis-scented candle. It's balanced out by an intoxicating blend of brushed suede, subtle tulip, and white musk fragrances, so it smells way more sophisticated than the green stuff.

Editor Erica Murphy also loves her Hydro Flask bottle and thinks that it makes a great gift for millennials.

"There&rsquos zero reason to hurt the planet by using plastic water bottles these days, especially when such fun reusable bottles like this one exist. Simply just looking at this bottle brightens my mood, and it helps that my water is always ice-cold when drinking from it, too.

"I&rsquove taken this bottle everywhere with me &mdash from hiking, to beach trips, to the gym &mdash and it&rsquos never let me down."

Millennials may run on avocado toast, but this cookbook will teach them how to make more than just brunch with nature's butter. It includes terrific tips and recipes for mastering cooking with avocados.

Start off with baked panko-crusted avo wedges for an unexpected appetizer, and whip up a healthy, yet decadent avocado chocolate mousse for a sweet end to the night.

Looking for a great millennial gift to give someone who's into skincare? Editor Erica Murphy is a personal fan of this hydrating mask.

"I&rsquove never really used a face mask and felt like the results were instantly visible, but I totally had a 'wow' moment after using this mask for the first time.

"I bought it for a trip to Europe when I knew I&rsquod be traveling a lot and not sleeping, so my skin was going to need some extra TLC. I actually used this while on the plane, and didn&rsquot feel like a crazy person because the mask goes on clear. The smell is mostly nonexistent, which is what you want from a product in a confined space, and it simply just felt good to rub on my face.

"I left it on for a few hours, and washed it off about 30 minutes before landing. I looked at my face in the mirror and was legit shocked. My skin had color, it was moisturized, it felt plump in a good way, and I was ready to tackle my day ahead. Now it&rsquos a staple in my travel bag."

Our technology editor Brandon Carte has a gift idea for millennials that'll appeal to the retro-loving audiophile.

"As much as I love my Spotify account, there's really something special about physically holding a record from your favorite artist, reading the liner notes, and taking in its album art. This affordable record player from Audio Technica is the perfect first record player for the millennial in your life, thanks to the casual and easy listening experience it provides. It sports a modern look that would complement any living room or bedroom, and it&rsquos available in five different color combinations.

"Plus, it has Bluetooth, so you can pair it to your wireless speaker or soundbar without the need to fuss with any cables. The arm is fully automatic, too! Just push the start button and it'll automatically lift onto the record and begin to play your music. After it finishes side A, the arm moves back into its position."

Gifts for Men Who Love to Travel

If the men you know are obsessed with crossing countries off of their bucket lists, consider this your guide to gift giving.ਏrom skin care to travel gadgets and stylish accessories, your globetrotter will be thanking you for giving him an excuse to plan his next trip.

There’s a gift on the list for every type of traveler — those who like to arrive in style, those simply looking for comfort and utility, and those looking for a blend of both. We’re sure you’ll find something that will put a smile on his face.

This year, Travel + Leisure is offering its most comprehensive gift guide਎ver. The goal? Make sure you can find the perfect present for everyone (yes, even your mother-in-law) on your list. Below, our picks for the traveling man.

On Cloud 2.0

Just like the name suggests, the On Cloud feels like you are walking on clouds. On’s patented CloudTec® technology is specifically engineered in Switzerland to create an incredible soft cushion upon impact. It’s the one shoe to take everywhere you go and for any activity — from hiking in Switzerland to running in Tokyo. One reviewer says, 𠇏orget all the other brands, On running shoes is where I’ll buy my shoes from now on.”  For the perfect fit in the U.S. size up a half size.

Baccarat Harmonie

Gift the elegance of sitting at the bar at the Baccarat New York City. These old-fashioned tumblers are a dream come true for any whiskey-lover. The consecutive parallel cuts travel cleanly along the crystal creating a sophisticated look that goes well with any bar setup. Baccarat has been esteemed for its craftsmanship since 1764 when the artisan house first started designing crystal. Since then, the brand has spread its wings to many other ventures — including the glitzy hotel in Midtown, Manhattan. 

Buck Mason Dry Waxed Canvas Highland Jacket

This jacket is made of a water-repellent dry waxed cotton canvas fabric is sourced from the renowned Halley Stevenson mill in Scotland. The timeless style will look good on any man in your life, and the warmth and high-quality materials will make him comfortable and stylish all year round. It fits true-to-size and is lined with a striped wool-blend blanket for warmth. A piece that will last a lifetime.

Matador SEG42 Travel Pack

A backpack is the greatest gift for any traveler and this one, in particular, is sleek, stylish, and has pockets for everything he needs on the go — no matter how long the trip may be. The Matador SEG42 is made of durable waterproof materials and is extremely user-friendly. The design is specifically created with travelers in mind. Each segmented pocket has a purpose and is easily accessible.  

Snow Peak Takibi Grill

This grill is designed in Japan for a lifetime of use. It is a take-with-you-anywhere packable, portable, and modular product that is equally well-made and attractive. It’s the ideal gift for the men in your life who are always seeking an elevated outdoor adventure. People agree that this is a must-have. One reviewer says, “This grill exudes excellence! It is so well-made, I&aposve found no other rival that compares to it. I love the fact I can have a fire nearly anywhere I camp by using this. I can even cook on my picnic table with it!”

Bluffworks Hopsack Sport Coat

Specifically designed with travel in mind — like all of Bluffworks stellar clothes — the linen-style sport coat doesn’t wrinkle, is incredibly breathable, and super comfortable. It has seven pockets that can hold all necessary travel items, including one security pocket that is perfect for a passport. This blazer is a travel must-have. 

To buy:, $132 (originally $265)

The Ergatta Rower

2020 has shown the importance of having a great at-home workout. The Ergatta Rower not only provides an exceptional home workout — it elevates the aesthetic of your room with its sleek design made out of cherry wood from Rhode Island. Each machine comes complete with a 17.3" bluetooth-enabled touchscreen to track your workout and heart rate. But the main reason that Ergatta stands out is its innovative workout experience that turns the rower into a competitive game. You can race other members in the Ergatta community, your own personal-best time, or do a HIIT interval-based program.

Blundstone #566

This fully waterproof thermal boot is built for the cold. The genuine sheepskin fleece footbed and premium leather keep warmth in and moisture out — plus it&aposs one of the most comfortable boots around. They are light-weight enough for traveling and durable enough for any winter task closer to home.

Keihl’s Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash

A clean face will make anybody feel better after a long day of traveling. The gel face wash effectively removed surface debris, excess oil, and dirt without stripping the skin or making it too dry. With Caffeine, Menthol, and Vitamin E, the face wash is a great way to start or end the day leaving skin a fresher and healthier appearance. It’s popular with men of all skin types and comes in a travel-friendly size.

Shou Sugi Ban House Signature Ceramics

Shou Sugi Ban House, the Hamptons first wellness retreat and destination spa, just launched an e-commerce site just in time for the holidays. The ceramics set is hand-made for the wellness retreat by New York-based artist, Stephanie Charlene. Eating off these dishes this holiday season will make you feel like you&aposre experiencing the inventive menu from Mads Refslund,਌o-founder of Noma in Copenhagen, who directs the culinary program at Shou Sugi Ban House.

Best Made S.S.B Japanese Gyuto Knife

This knife is a must-have for any man who likes to cook. It is forged in Sanjō, Japan exclusively for Best Made out of the highest quality materials. The high-carbon core with multiple stainless surface layers provide the utmost performance, balance, and durability. This blade can be used for any dish and will make the user feel like a top-chef.

Sony A6000

When looking for a gift that will keep on giving, a camera is a great choice. Sony’s a6000 is a mirrorless camera with photo quality that matches that of many DSLRs at a fraction of the cost. It’s less bulky, easier to manage, and extremely portable. With over 1k positive reviews this camera is well-loved. One reviewer says, “I have nothing but good things to say about this camera. I have owned my Sony A6000 for just over a year now and it has been nothing short of perfect. I am a beginner photographer and it has taken high-quality, professional photos.”

Vssl Flask

This is a great gift for any man — it’s a flashlight. It’s a flask. It’s a compass. It’s a can opener. — all in one. This multi-tool is a great addition to any outdoor adventure. Impress your friends on your next night-hike by turning the powerful 4-mode LED flashlight into a bottle of your favorite spirit and two shot glasses. “This is now my favorite camping flask,” one reviewer says. “It&aposs ridiculously durable, the flashlight on the one end is nice and bright and pretty useful, and it holds enough of the good stuff to get you feeling pretty good around the campfire at night.”  

Travelpro x Travel + Leisure Carry-On

Travelpro has teamed up with Travel and Leisure to create the best luggage for avid travelers. As editors, we have tried almost every luggage option available and decided to collaborate with industry titan Travelpro to design the perfect carry-on. The expandable carry-on effortlessly glides, is very durable, and has many storage pockets and zippers. Any travel lover will appreciate this suitcase — a piece of luggage that is tried, true, and editor-approved. 

Keihl’s Super Fluid Daily UV Defense

This sunscreen is perfect for daily use. Sunscreen is a vital part of keeping skin healthy and protected𠅊nd this product makes it easier than ever to implement into any routine. It’s so light-weight that it’s barely noticeable after application and the liquidity of the product makes it a cinch to apply with a lasting matte finish. It’s formulated with advanced UVA/UVB technology and pollution protection that is safe for all types of skin, including sensitive skin. The SPF 50+ will quickly become a favorite for all men on-the-go whether it’s a beach day in Rio or cross-country skiing in Norway.

Smeg Coffee Grinder

Any coffee lover will be thrilled to get this high-design coffee grinder. The Italian-based brand is known for their 50s-retro designs with state-of-the-art features. This electric coffee grinder is no different, it has 30 grinding levels to create all tastes and types of coffee and eight pre-set sizes from 12-cup drip coffee to a single espresso shot — it&aposs the best gift for the coffee-obsessed man in your life.

To buy:, $300 (originally $375)

Lululemon At Ease Hoodie

Lululemon’s At Ease Hoodie is the perfect travel companion for any guy. The hoodie will quickly become his best friend during long-haul flights, brisk evenings, or really any time he wants to wear the most comfortable hoodie around — which will surely be a lot. People are raving about this new offering from Lululemon saying, “Just buy it” and �st hoodie I have ever put on my body!”

High West Barrel Finished Old Fashioned

Distilled in the high-altitude mountains of Utah, High West whiskey is the perfect gift for any man that loves whiskey and travel. Their new barrel finished old fashioned only uses the best ingredients. The distillers mix both rye and bourbon whiskeys with bitters, unrefined raw sugar, and orange extract then age the cocktail in a rye barrel. The result is an expertly made old fashioned that you can just pour into a glass and enjoy.


If you haven&apost heard of Glerups, now is the time that you snag a pair in the link below then also get one for the man in your life. This felt shoe, made of 100% pure natural wool with a natural rubber sole, is the coziest possible addition to life at home. Plus, the sole makes it easy to take out the trash or grab the paper without changing from your slippers.

Drinking French

This book is the perfect gift for any man looking to expand his taste in cocktails. Written by David Lebovitz, this book has everything anyone needs to know about iconic French cocktails, cafe traditions, and aperitifs. The best part of this book is the escapism to a country we are all aching for right now. With over 150 recipes, there&aposs sure to be a drink (or several) that strikes his fancy.

Philips Norelco Series 7200 Beard Trimmer with Vacuum

When traveling there isn’t much time to groom. The Philips beard trimmer is perfect for a quick trim (hair, body, or face) and the best feature is that it has a vacuum to trap all of the trimmed hair. The vacuum catches 90% of all of the hair which makes cleaning up the sink and counter very easy. The battery life is long — usually won’t have to charge at all during a two-week trip. Plus there are over 250 reviews that all share the same sentiments: ”Makes clean up so much easier. No more giant hair rings around the sink!”

Helinox Chair One XL Home

This camping chair goes above and beyond others on the market. It provides a comfortable, light-weight, and aesthetically pleasing addition to the campsite — or the back yard. The woven material lasts for years and sets up in no time. Whether the man you are shopping for loves camping in the mountains or sunsets on the beach — this is the chair for him.

Fjallraven Expedition Pack Down Hooded Jacket

Is there any better travel companion than a light-weight, packable down jacket? You’ll never feel cold again with the exceptional warmth-to-weight ratio in this jacket — plus, it’s ethically produced and fully traceable. It has a pocket that the entire coat can get stuffed into for easy packing in a suitcase or even a day pack. The jacket has synthetic insulation over the shoulders for extra resistance against pressure and moisture and the quality of the stitching is top-notch. You really can’t go wrong with this superb down jacket.  

Frescobol Carioca Beach Bat and Ball Set

There’s nothing better than a beach holiday, but sometimes your time on the beach can get a bit boring. That’s where the beach games come in. This bat and ball set is handmade and includes paddles, balls, and a waterproof bag. Each pair is individually made, so the design may differ from set to set.

Livsn Flex Canvas Pant

Your search for the perfect travel pant is over. The flex pant is made from sustainable canvas which creates a highly-durable yet comfortable pant. You can take this pair anywhere and trust that it will be perfect for any activity. The tailored fit can be dressed up or down while the utility can withstand anything from mountain biking in Arkansas to hiking in Peru. Once you try on a pair of Livsn, you’ll never want to buy anything else.  

Garmin Vívomove Luxe

There are plenty of fitness trackers on the market, but this smartwatch from Garmin stands out for its style and versatility. It&aposs great for running, swimming, and cycling, so no matter your sport, this watch can help you track your stats. The thing that sets this watch apart the most is the posh design. The silver stainless steel watch face and Italian leather band add sophistication that most other trackers last — all without lacking any of the technology that Garmin is trusted to provide. 

The Citizenry Stonewashed Linen Bedding

This breathable and soft bedding set is made from the finest French flax and woven in the oldest family-run linen mill in Portugal. This bedding is not only great looking and oh-so-comfortable, it helps employ local Portuguese artisans because The Citizenry offers these local craftspeople wages that average 2x the fair trade requirement.

Wolf Blake Leather Watch Roll

All men with good taste know that protecting your watch while traveling is imperative and not a small feat while in transit. Stuffing it in your briefcase won’t cut it. Keep it safe with this elegant watch roll by Wolf. It’s compact enough to let you take a few different watches on longer trips. It’s fully lined with suede to prevent scuffs and scratches while protecting the watches.

Coach Dopp Kit 18

Every man needs a sturdy toiletry kit to carry all his essentials whether he&aposs going away for the weekend or taking an extended vacation. This roomy leather bag has an extended zipper which makes accessing whatever is stuffed in the case easy to grab. The bag looks better the longer it’s used so don’t be afraid to tow it along for any trip no matter how rugged or off-the-grid.

Faherty Legend Sweater Shirt

If you’re looking for the most comfortable and versatile shirt — look no further. This sweater shirt might be the softest and coziest shirt on the market. It can be worn year round as a stand alone piece or layered. It’s been a best seller for Faherty year after year and the brand calls it, “The best, closest-to-perfect thing we’ve ever made.”


The 5 Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer is great for whipping up anything from macrons that remind you of your favorite french bakery to steam bun dough for a savory Bao. Each mixer can make up to nine dozen cookies in a single batch and come equipped with ten speeds. It&aposs a nice option for any man who wants to spend more time in the kitchen — and lets face it, we are all spending more time cooking this year.

To buy:, $280 (originally $380)

Red Wing Weekender Chukka

Red Wing is known for their high-quality leather that gets better with age and will hold up for years to come. The chukka style is a staple for guys at any age — they can be worn to the office, out on the town, on a 10 hour flight, and all year round. Plus, they come in a variety of colors that are sure to fit any style.

Ten Thousand Interval Short

Every man knows how hard it is to find the perfect exercise short. Look no further — the Ten Thousand Interval Short is the answer for pretty much any workout. It has hard-to-find specs like a no-bunch waist band, four-way stretch, zip pockets, and an optional liner. The shorts have over 4,000 reviews. One reviewer says, �ing in the fitness industry, I’m constantly changing my workouts. Whether it be heavy lifting, HIIT classes, or Crossfit training, the need for durable and versatile athletic wear is my first concern. Ten Thousand shorts have finally changed the game with their product."

Cloos x Brady Ristretto Blue Light

Most of us are spending much more time in front of a screen than usual this holiday season. Danish eyewear brand, Christopher Cloos teamed up with Tom Brady to design the perfect pair of blue-light glasses that will make any man look super stylish while also protecting his eyes from screen light. The collaboration offers many frame options and includes sunglasses as well.

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Big Ticket Items

The Copper Spur HV UL2 is an excellent lightweight tent with great features for backpackers of all levels. It has all the features for maximizing comfort - freestanding, double-wall, near-vertical sidewalls, two large doors/vestibules, interior pockets - and it's still somehow under 3lbs. The Copper Spur HV UL2 is at at the top of our Best Backpacking Tents list.

The ZPacks Duplex and Triplex are an ultralight backpackers dream come true. They’re our top choice for long-distance backpacking and thru-hiking on our Best Backpacking Tents and Best Ultralight Tents lists. The Duplex and Triplex are built out of unbelievably light Dyneema Composite Fabric, which is a completely waterproof material that won’t sag like silnylon in the rain. This tent would make an excellent gift for an ultralight backpacker or thru-hiker.

Looking for a baller car camping tent? The REI Grand Hut is a palace for your family. It’s affordable, easy-to-pitch, and tall enough for most people to stand in. For more car camping tent recommendations, check out our Best Camping Tents post.

REI’s new Magma 15 (men's) and Magma 15 (women's) sleeping bags have a combination of weight, warmth, and cost that is hard to beat. We also love REI’s recently released Magma Trail Quilt for those looking for more versatility. Both of these are at the top of our Best Sleeping Bags & Quilts list for good reason.

The Revelation Quilt is one of our favorite lightweight quilts. We hate feeling constricted by tight fitting bags and the Revelation gives us the flexibility to spread out and sleep comfortably in the backcountry. It can be cinched up tight on chilly nights or used as a blanket in more temperate weather. The Revelation is our favorite quilt from our Best Backpacking Sleeping Bags list.

Western Mountaineering makes some of the highest quality, lightest, and warmest sleeping bags we've ever tested and the UltraLite is one of their most popular designs. They also offer the Alpinlite (a wider version of the UltraLite) and Versalite (a slightly wider and warmer version of the UltraLite) are also both excellent choices.

The women's-specific Egret UL 20 sleeping bag is our favorite sleeping bag for women on Best Sleeping Bags list. It’s incredibly light (1lb 12oz), filled with responsibly-sourced 950+ goose down, and feels soft against the skin. As a women’s bag, it has more space in the chest and hips, which provides a more comfortable night’s sleep than traditional mummy bags.

The NeoAir XLite sleeping pad is just about the perfect mattress for any 3-season outdoor adventure. It’s incredibly light, comfortable, and compactable. It also has great insulation properties (R-value: 4.2), so it keeps the cold ground at bay. If you’re mostly a summer backpacker, the Uberlite is insanely light and a great option. For other great sleeping pad options, check out our Best Sleeping Pads list.

The Hyperlite Mountain Gear 2400 and 3400 Southwest strike an exceptional balance between weight, weather resistance, and durability. These burly ultralight backpacks have a minimal design, but their frames are highly effective and feel sturdier than most lightweight packs. It’s our top pick for Best Lightweight Backpacks.

The Atmos (men’s sizes) and Aura (women’s sizes) also have a lot more padding than most lightweight packs and will generally be more comfortable on your shoulders and hips. We recommend these bags for hikers who tend to carry a little heavier of a load. Check out how the Atmos and Aura compare to our other favorite packs on our list of the Best Backpacking Backpacks.

The REI Drypoint GTX strikes an excellent balance of low weight and solid durability. The tapered cut and high-quality materials give it the appeal of a premium jacket, but at a more accessible price. This jacket is our top pick from our list of the Best Rain Jackets.

The Patagonia Down Sweater Hoodie (men’s & women’s) is a warm, well-rounded jacket that’s stylish and practical to wear on a daily basis. It’s offered at an affordable price point for the quality too. We named it the best down jacket for everyday wear on our list of the Best Down Jackets.

The Micro Puff Hoody (men’s and women’s) has been our warm-weather backpacking jacket for a while now and recently Patagonia released its new Macro Puff, which has the same great features as the Micro, but warmer and more suitable for true 3-season adventures. They both use down-like PlumaFill synthetic insulation, which provides lightweight warmth, great compressibility, and performs slightly better when wet compared to down. We list the Micro Puff as the best synthetic jacket on our list of the Best Down Jackets.

The Yeti Tundra 45 is one of the most durable and highest quality coolers on the market, which earned it a spot on our Best Coolers list. Yeti Coolers are nearly indestructible, they stay cold for a preposterously long time, and they come in a range of sizes. That quality does come at a cost, but if you’re looking for the best cooler out there, this is your guy. For a more compact and on-the-go cooler, check out the Yeti Hopper.

With YETI’s ridiculous “ice for days” standard, they bring you a cooler you can wear. Strap on the BackFlip 24 for a hike to your campsite and ensure your crew has some icy cold beverages. It’s tough to beat the quality and performance of a YETI, and we named the Hopper the best backpack cooler on our Best Coolers list.

The Cotopaxi Allpa has everything we look for in a travel pack - streamlined organization, easy-access pockets, a comfortable carry, and unique style. The Allpa is number one on our list of the Best Travel Backpacks and will make a great gift for the traveler in your life.

The Black Hole Duffel from Patagonia is a burly travel bag that can carry a ton of gear and withstand a beating. They're super durable, spacious, and convenient for general travel, as well as stashing backpacking gear for international hiking trips. They're offered in a range of sizes and models and are our favorite travel duffels on Best Travel Backpacks list.

The Garmin InReach Mini is a small and lightweight two-way communicator, GPS device, and emergency locator beacon all in one. We like carrying one for peace of mind on extended trips in the backcountry. If you prefer a full-size unit, the InReach Explorer is also a great option.

We love nature photography, but we also don't want to lug ten pounds of photo equipment with us on backpacking trips. That's why we hike with the Sony RX100 III. The digital sensor in this camera is much larger than most point-and-shoot models, which means we get fantastic photos from a compact, lightweight camera.

The GoPro camera series is well-known for its ability to capture photo and video in rugged and harsh conditions. The updated HERO9 still has all the loved features of past cameras with some increased performance in the areas of stabilization and overall image quality.

We absolutely love our Kindle Paperwhite for downtimes on a camping or backpacking trip. It’s gentle on the eyes, has a backlight for nighttime reading, and makes finding great books simple. We take ours out on most trips, especially solo jaunts in the backcountry. it’s now available in a waterproof version with more storage!

The MSR Lightning Ascents (men’s and women’s sizes) are best-in-class snowshoes that will make any winter trekker swoon. Along with solid overall construction, they have excellent traction, which is critical on icy surfaces. They also come with televators, which are advantageous on hilly terrain. I prefer the smaller 22 in. size for maneuverability with the option to add 5 inch flotation tails when there’s a lot of deep powder.

This heavy duty water purifier may just be the most reliable and effective water filtration system. It physically removes viruses, bacteria, protozoa and dirt quickly and easily on backpacking trips and international travel. The MSR Guardian is not cheap, nor is it lightweight, but if reliability and safety are your top priorities, this is the filter you want. Learn more about the Guardian on our Best Water Filters list.

25 DIY Gifts for Travel Lovers

Looking for cheap and easy gifts for all the travel lovers you know? Maybe you need a little something for yourself to remember your last vacation? Well, you will LOVE these DIY gifts that you can make in minutes!

I&rsquoll admit that I could start traveling and never stop&hellipit&rsquos an addiction, but I&rsquom really alright with it. Maybe you&rsquore like me or you have family members that you never know where there&rsquore at this week. These are the kind of gifts they will treasure&helliptrust me! Maps and memories can create fabulous handmade gifts and home decor that money can&rsquot buy.

These easy gift tutorials are perfect for quick afternoon projects. Don&rsquot miss the fabulous gift tags or string wall art!

    &ndash My Sister&rsquos Suitcase &ndash Design Sponge &ndash Ruby Murrays Musings &ndash Everything Etsy &ndash Martha Stewart &ndash Unfortunately Oh &ndash Jepsen Leather Goods &ndash Valley and Co. &ndash The Harpster Home &ndash Or So She Says &ndash Alyssa B Young &ndash Crate Paper Blog &ndash Twirling Betty &ndash My Sister&rsquos Suitcase &ndash Design Sponge &ndash Jessica Chronicled &ndash Being Brook &ndash Happy Hour Projects &ndash Silver Boxes &ndash Wedding Bee &ndash Design Sponge &ndash Travelettes &ndash Girl in Air &ndash Pure Heart &ndash Martha Stewart

Why spend a ton on gifts when you can make personalized gifts super cheap.

I big puffy heart handmade gifts and these tutorials make it easy to create something special for all the travel lovers on your holiday shopping list.

Thanks so much for all your pins, tweets, stumbles, Facebook likes on my previous handmade gift posts! You are fabulous friends!

Have you made any handmade gifts lately? Have any planned? I&rsquod love to hear about them in the comments!

19 Great Gifts for the Serious Home Cook

Whether you're looking for a big gift or a stocking stuffer, these picks are perfect for anyone who wants to cook like a pro.

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Everyone has a friend or family member that makes the best meals — whether it’s a weeknight dinner or a holiday party. Show your appreciation for all those delicious dishes by giving them upgraded kitchen tools they'll treasure for years to come and ingredients they'll swear by. This list is a combination of Food Network-tested favorites, our test kitchen recommendations and the newest must-haves, so you know they're top-notch picks!

Essential Spices Collection

Serious cooks know that having a solid spice rack is everything in the kitchen. Refresh their shelves with quality jars that they'll use over and over again.

Engraved Bamboo Cookbook & Tablet Stand

The serious home cooks we know have a serious collection of cookbooks they love. Gift the cook in your life a cookbook and tablet stand this year. For just $30, this one can be customized with an engraving and is perfect for holding cookbooks, magazines and tablets for cooking along with Food Network Kitchen classes.

Food Network Kitchen Gift Subscription

For anyone who's gained more confidence in the kitchen this year and is looking to expand on their skills, a Food Network Kitchen subscription is an ideal gift. Once you purchase a six-month or year-long subscription, the recipient will be sent an email to start their subscription immediately. They'll be able to cook witht their favorite stars right from the comfort of their own kitchen.

Rubbermaid Silicone Spatula

Sure, candy and trinkets are great stocking stuffers, but so is this spatula. A test kitchen staffer swears it's his secret to the best scrambled eggs, and it's one of the few spatulas with a paddle that never slips off the handle.

Gourmet Black Truffle Sea Salt

Is there anything more luxurious than a truffle-topped dish? While the straight-from-the-ground truffles can be pricey, this truffle salt from Trufflin is the ideal stocking stuffer for a home cook who loves to add some flair to their dishes. If you're looking for even more truffle-flavored products, we recommend snagging a bottle of the ranch and Sriracha — for yourself!

20-Piece Pressure Cooker Accessories Compatible with Instant Pot

Most of the home cooks we know have a multi-cooker by now. If your food-loving best friend does too, it's time to trick out their favorite appliance with a host of accessories.

Tramontina Professional Aluminum Nonstick Restaurant Fry Pan

Serious home cooks need workhorse pans — and this one fits that bill. Our tester claimed these pans cooked and felt just like restaurant kitchen quality and could withstand all kinds of recipes.

Five Two Bamboo Cutting Board

This bamboo cutting board was one of our favorites when we test-drove a bunch of wood and plastic boards. The size, weight and special features like a tablet/phone rest made this one stand out among the crowd. Plus, the price tag makes it more affordable than many like it on the market.

EXAU Olive Oil

These bottles of premium olive oil straight from Italy sell out regularly, so we recommend getting your hands on a bottle or two whenever you can. Snag a club subscription for a good friend, and we promise you'll be a regular dinner guest in the new year!

Brightland The Pair

The right acid can pull a dish together, and these brand-new vinegars from Brightland are just as pretty as they are delicious. The brand is known for their olive oil, so it's no surprise that their vinegars are ideal for vinaigrette.

BlueCut + Alex Bowman Apron

If your favorite home cook is in the market for a new apron, get them one that's durable and gives back. These aprons, sold in both adult and kid sizes, were designed in partnership with Alexandra Bowman, a nationally-published Black artist. For each apron sold, at least five aprons are given to Black-owned restaurants in need.

Instant Pot Vortex 6 Quart Air Fryer - Black

This Instant Vortex air fryer is our test kitchen's favorite model. The fryer has serious power and heats food more evenly and quickly than any other models we've tried. Plus, for less than $100, it's the right price for gifting. A note about stocking: This model is insanely popular and currently sold out at Amazon and in low stock at Walmart. We will continue to update this story with new stocking information as we get it.

Victoria Cast Iron 10 Skillet

No serious home cook should be without a solid cast-iron skillet. While we love the tried-and-true Lodge, our test revealed the Victoria as the top skillet on the market. A lighter weight, wider pour spouts and smoother surface makes this pan the one to buy.

OXO Steel 9-Inch Better Wire Whisk

Another ideal stocking stuffer, this mini-whisk clocks in at just nine inches and is a test kitchen staffer's favorite tool. She loves the control it provides and the fact that it can reach the nooks and crannies of any bowl.

Our Place Always Pan

For the home cook who values functionality and has little space, the Always Pan from Our Place is the perfect gift. The pan functions as a skillet, steamer, saucier, sauce pan, spoon rest and more. It's sold out 10 times, so grab one as a gift before it's too late.

Lodge Enameled Cast Iron 5.5-Quart Dutch Oven

Our test kitchen loves this Dutch oven for its size and versatility — and price tag. It's sturdy cast-iron construction and heavy duty lid make it ideal for various tasks, and we love that buying it won't break the bank.

Rubbermaid Brilliance Container Set

Food storage would be a strange gift for anyone not cooking up a storm this time of year. We love these Rubbermaid Brilliance containers for their spill-proof lids and crystal clear construction. No more wondering what those leftovers are!

Emile Henry Ribbed Pizza Stone

Pizza time! This gorgeous pizza stone from the iconic Emile Henry brand is a fun way to show the 'za lover in your life just how much you care. The ribbed design allows for air flow in the oven, resulting in a crunchy crust every time. The red color also makes it ideal for an oven-to-table presentation.

Falastin: A Cookbook

In Falastin, Sami Tamimi and Tara Wigley (the co-authors on Yotam Ottolenghi's Jerusalem and Ottolenghi Simple, respectively), weave together a rich tapestry of recipes and stories to paint a wider picture of the people, food, history and future of Palestine. The more than 110 recipes are a contemporary collection of those that Sami grew up with (like his father's za'atar eggs or his mother's buttermilk fattoush), mixed with Palestinian classics (such as chicken musakhan or the upside-down rice cake maqlubeh) presented in a new light. The book is about more than just broader Middle Eastern food and a formidable nation that gave the world some of its most beloved foods, but a love letter to Sami's country and to the mother he lost at age seven. The profiles are poignant and sometimes sobering, the photography luscious and mouth-watering, and the recipes worthy of a deep dive.

10 Delicious SIBO Christmas Breakfast Recipes

Start Christmas morning off with a bang with these delicious SIBO Christmas breakfast recipes. They are special enough to be worthy of your holiday breakfast, but not so complicated that you will feel overwhelmed in the kitchen.

Do you need some extra help with your Christmas cooking? Tune in to my SIBO Christmas Cooking Class. Held online so you can participate from the comfort of your home, join me as I share my 8 favourite Christmas recipes with you. Plus, as an added bonus for signing up, you get immediate access to my SIBO Holiday eCookbook worth $14.95, absolutely free! Click here to learn more or sign up.

Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict with Zucchini Pancakes

Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict with Zucchini Pancakes has to be one of my most loved breakfast recipes. The rich and creamy Hollandaise sauce pairs perfectly with the smoked salmon. Instead of using English muffins as the base, I love to create my Zucchini Pancakes. Sprinkled with chopped chives and a handful of leaves, this breakfast will seriously wow people and fill you with such joy and happiness, you can't help but have a sensational Christmas Day. Get the recipe here.

Berry Compote and Coconut Pancakes

If sweet breakfasts are more your thing, you can't go past my Berry Compote and Coconut Pancakes. The pancakes are light and fluffy (and not at all like cardboard!) and the homemade berry compote and 24-hour yoghurt adds the right balance between sweet and tang. I've cooked these for non-SIBOers and they told me they preferred them to the sugar-laden regular version. Get the recipe here.

Chocolate Granola

You may prefer to start your day off with a bowl of SIBO friendly Chocolate Granola. Adding raw cacao to the seed and nut mix makes it irresistible. Add some fresh berries (if you can tolerate them) and top it with your favourite nut milk, and it's the perfect lighter start to your day. Get the recipe here.

Crispy eggs, bacon and hash browns

Many SIBOers can tolerate small amounts of white potato. If you are one of the lucky ones who can, these SIBO friendly gluten-free hash browns work perfectly with crispy fried eggs and bacon. The secret ingredient that is used to cook the hash browns elevates them from nice to aaaamazing. Get the recipe here.

Blueberry Muffins

The smell of Blueberry Muffins wafting through the house as they bake will wake up even the most sleepy heads. Use fresh or frozen blueberries and enjoy these spread with ghee or butter (if you can tolerate it). I love these best served warm with a lovely cup of herbal tea. Get the recipe here.

Breakfast Smoothies

If you're looking for a lighter start to your day, you can't go past my Breakfast Smoothies. I show you three different flavour combinations, but you can get creative and use any fruits, nuts, seeds or milks that you like. Get the recipe here.


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