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Turn Water Into Wine With At-Home Winemaking Miracle Machine

Turn Water Into Wine With At-Home Winemaking Miracle Machine

Although beer making has become widely popular with at-home breweries, vinification has been left relatively untouched — until now. A cool new product called the Miracle Machine is promising high-quality homemade wine in only a matter of days, letting you be your very own winemaker!


With controls handled through a smartphone app (iOS or Android), users can select a type of wine and desired traits (like a sweet, dry Moscato) and the mobile app will list the ingredients needed. After the user adds in the various elements required for the right flavor profile, the app will then monitor the winemaking process occurring within the Miracle Machine. During fermentation and when near completion, the phone application will even advise additional steps that should be taken (like adding a finishing powder). This device literally takes all the guesswork out of the equation and after about three days, the libations will be ready for pairing with an accompanying meal or enjoying on its own.


Created by wine industry veterans Philip James and Kevin Boyer, the gadget was apparently conceived by a joke James made where he noted, "Jesus made water into wine; with all the technology we have available today why can't we do the same?" Lo-and-behold, 12 months later they're just about ready to start selling the (incredibly well-named) Miracle Machine.

Expected to retail for $499 and come prepackaged with a starter pack to make the initial bottle of wine, you will be able to buy additional Miracle Machine kits later for around $2. Each batch produces 600ml of wine from the comfort of your home, all without requiring any previous experience. Resulting wines are said to be on par with bottles that go for $20 a bottle or more (including vintage flavors). The makers are also looking to introduce a monthly wine club that will deliver enough kits to produce one bottle a week for less than $10.

Funding for production should begin any day now through Kickstarter, which leads us to the only bad news we can come up with regarding the Miracle Machine: It's not currently available (nor making a shiraz on my counter)...not yet, anyway.

UPDATE: The Water to Wine 'Miracle Machine' has been revealed to be a publicity stunt to bring greater attention to the Wine to Water international charity, which brings clean water to the developing world.

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