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Soccer field cake

Soccer field cake

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We prepare the worktop as follows:

Separate the egg whites from the yolks, beat them with foam, then add the sugar in the rain and mix until the volume doubles, then add the yolks, one by one, flour, baking powder and vanilla essence, mix until the composition is homogeneous, put the resulting composition in -a tray lined with flour and put in the oven for about 30 minutes, check from time to time doing the test with the toothpick.

Meanwhile we prepare the cream as follows:

Prepare the pudding according to the instructions on the package, let it cool, then pour in a thin thread the gelatin that I dissolved in cold water, then I heated it in a bain-marie until all the crystals dissolved, after which incorporate whipped cream (but not all, we keep for decoration) and diced peaches, mix well and cool, but do not leave it too long, but only enough to harden a little, then line a higher tray with food foil, put cream, over which we put the syrupy top, tighten the foil well and let it cool for a few hours.

With the help of a plate, we turn the cake over in a single movement, we put raspberries over the cream, then a generous layer of whipped cream.

I put green coconut over the whipped cream, I made the gates with whipped cream.

What is the Equator?

The equator is the imaginary circle located in the middle of the distance between the poles that divides a planet (a globe) into two equal hemispheres, it being the first and longest line of geographical latitude (parallel) of 0 °.

The equator has a diameter of about 12,756 km and crosses the center of the African continent, the Maldives, the Indian Ocean, Indonesia, the central Pacific Ocean with Micronesia, the north of South America being accompanied by equatorial forests. The equator divides the earth into the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere.

Important moments in the history of football:

  • In 1869 the rule of the off-side appeared
  • In 1870, the notion of "goalkeeper" was introduced for the first time in the regulation and initially he was allowed to play the ball with his hand on the entire surface of the field. Then he will have the right only in his land and only in 1912 he has the right only in his own area of ​​punishment
  • In 1873, the blow from the corner of the field was introduced
  • In 1874, free kicks were introduced
  • In 1883, the throw from the edge was introduced
  • In 1902 the penalty appears and the penalty area is drawn
  • In 1966, the yellow and red cards appeared.

Soccer Field Cake with Plastic Figurines

PLASTIC FIGURES: 25 lei / set (2 ports and 6 footballers)
For the compositions Bezea, Carrot cake, Emoke, Jamaica, Joffre, Mascot, Mosaic and Silvia, the price is 93 lei / kg
The cake can vary by +/- 300 grams

Select the weight / composition before ordering the desired product

PLASTIC FIGURES: 25 lei / set (2 ports and 6 footballers)
For the compositions Bezea, Carrot cake, Emoke, Jamaica, Joffre, Mascot, Mosaic and Silvia, the price is 93 lei / kg
The cake can vary by +/- 300 grams

walnut leaf, mascarpone cream, roll sheet, decorated with sugar paste

syrupy cocoa top, two layers of chocolate cream and cherries in alcohol, roll sheet, and in the middle, diplomat cream with compote peach, decorated with sugar paste

6 sheets of cocoa roll, milk chocolate cream, decorated with sugar paste

syrupy cocoa top, chocolate cream and cherries in alcohol, tiramisu cream with nes and chopped walnuts, roll sheet, decorated with sugar paste

cocoa top syrup with burnt sugar syrup, chocolate cream, roll sheet, decorated with sugar paste

syrupy cocoa top, chocolate cream, cold vanilla cream with compote peach, roll sheet, decorated with sugar paste

walnut leaf, cocoa butter cream, roll sheet, decorated with sugar paste

How to make a cake in the shape of a football field

Sweet pastries in the form of a football field will be a good gift for the birthday, February 23, or as a prize for winning a football match between the children's teams. But not only children will enjoy such a treatment, it will be appreciated by older football fans.

If you make such a cake, you must pay special attention to the marking of the field. For true fans of the game, this detail will be of great importance. In addition, you can install the goal, football, players' sugar figures and other attributes on the cake.

Below is described in detail how to create such a decor using mastic and cream. Separately, there are instructions for creating the gate and the ball, because, regardless of how the cake is decorated (cream or mastic), the process of making it is the same in both cases.

ingredients Number of
For butter biscuits: & # 8211
chicken eggs & # 8211 9 pieces.
sugar & # 8211 300 g
unt & # 8211 300 g
flour & # 8211 360 g
sare & # 8211 5 g
For a quick butter cream: & # 8211
condensed milk & # 8211 550 g
unt & # 8211 650 g
vanilla sugar & # 8211 20 g
For mastic: & # 8211
Marshmallow Marshmallow & # 8211 100 g
powdered sugar & # 8211 300 g
unt & # 8211 20 g
lemon juice & # 8211 10 ml
Cooking time: 360 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 400 Kcal

Usually, biscuit cakes are decorated with mastic because they are impregnated, they are juicy, but quite voluminous, which allows you to create whole 3D models. You can bake a classic biscuit, and you can make it greasy. This, of course, will add baking calories, but for taste, the result will be worth it.

In addition, you will need: green food coloring, sweet tea or fruit syrup for impregnating the sponge cake, white chocolate.

Step-by-step baking master class and cake assembly:

  1. First you need to bake a cookie in the shape of a rectangle. Mix the soft butter at room temperature in a fluffy mass with half the sugar
  2. Push the other half with the yolks. Combine the yolks and the oil mixture, beat everything together, in a fluffy light state
  3. Pour into flour dough ¾ the rules and mix the dough with a mixer using a special nozzle for the dough
  4. The protein is stirred with salt to medium peaks. Lightly place them in the dough and mix, then add the remaining flour and mix everything
  5. In a rectangular shape, bake a biscuit and cut it hot into 3 cakes. A strong silk thread will help
  6. For the cream, beat the butter with vanilla sugar and condensed milk. You can add a small amount of green food coloring to the cream. Put the cream in the fridge for 2-3 hours
  7. Marshmallow with lemon juice and butter melts on the steam bath. Then to satin them sugar sugar and kneaded mastic. In the kneading process, the coloring of the food is added to obtain the green color of the desired intensity
  8. When all the components of the cake are ready, you can start assembling it. Soak biscuits with syrup, cream cakes, also wrap the side layers and the top of the cake. Put the cake in the fridge for an hour
  9. Roll the green paste on a starchy table and transfer it to the cake with a bolt, turn the corners and cut off the excess
  10. Apply the marking to the field. This can be done in two ways: pull it with melted white chocolate or cut from white mastic. Lay on the playing field, the ball, as well as, if the sculptor's talent allows, player figurines and cake are prepared.

Soccer Field Cake - Recipes

Soccer field cake

Message from Onna & raquo 17/05/2007 12:22

A joy for sports lovers.

Top: 10 eggs, 2 cups sugar, 2 cups flour, 2 cups oil, 1 baking powder, 2 vanilla essences.
Syrup: 1 liter of water, 4-5 tablespoons sugar, 1 vanilla essence.
Pink cream: 400gr strawberry-flavored drinking yogurt, 3 tablespoons strawberry jam, 3 tablespoons powdered sugar, 1 sachet of crushed white gelatin (10gr), whipped cream.
Peach cream: 400 g of peach-flavored drinking yogurt, 3 tablespoons of powdered sugar, 1 sachet of gelatin, liquid whipped cream, a few peaches from compote (pureed, in a blender).
Chocolate cream: 500ml milk, 4 tablespoons caster sugar, 5 tablespoons white flour, 3 tablespoons cocoa, 1 rum essence, 50 g butter, 2-3 tablespoons whipped cream.

1. Beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt and a few drops of lamiae juice until they become frothy. Then add the sugar spoon by spoon until done. Beat until the mixer foam holds and forms spikes (like meringue). Pour into a bowl.
2. In the same bowl, without washing it (to save the composition) put the yolks and rub with the mixer at low speed until light in color.
3. Mix the flour with the baking powder and sift.
4. Alternating, sprinkle / pour over the egg whites, mixing by inverting: flour, oil, vanilla essence, yolks.
5. Bake 2 or more countertops in a rectangular tray. Leave to cool. After cooling, cut so as to obtain 4 countertops.

1. Put the sugar and water on the fire and let it simmer until 800ml of syrup remains. Turn off the heat and add the vanilla essence.
2. Syrup the 4 slices of countertop with hot syrup.

Yogurt creams:
1. Soak the gelatin in 30ml of cold water. Leave for 10 minutes. Then dissolve in a bain-marie or on a very low heat. It should NOT boil, just enough to dissolve the granules.
2. Mix the yogurt with the sugar and possibly with the peach jam / puree, until the sugar melts.
3. Add a little yogurt to the gelatin, mix well then pour everything into the yogurt and mix very well.
4. Let cool slightly, about 10 minutes.
5. Remove from the fridge, mix well then add the whipped cream. For the white cream, add the grated chocolate.
6. Refrigerate for max 20min.
To add extra flavor to the pink cream, add ice cream powder to 1 strawberry-flavored sachet in liquid cream before beating.

Chocolate cream:
1. Mix in a bowl the sugar, cocoa, flour then pour the boiled and cooled milk, little by little, mixing with a wooden spoon.
2. Put the cream on the fire until it binds well.
3. Turn off the heat, add the butter and stir until it melts, then the essence.
4. After complete cooling, add the whipped cream.

Make a rectangular frame, the size of the countertop. Wrap it in cling film and use it as a cake circle. I used pink cream at the base, chocolate cream and then peach cream. Creams are not very strong when you pour them over the countertops. They have to be supported by something. I made such shapes and fir, hearts, etc. Leave to cool overnight. The next day it is decorated.

For the topping I used 3-4 very well baked kiwis, 2 sachets of Gelee Cake (gelatin for decorating fruit tarts), kiwi juice and 2-3 tablespoons of powdered sugar. I made a puree with the fruit blender, I passed them through a sieve to remove the seeds. I put the puree in a graduated cup and filled with kiwi top up to 500ml as were the requirements on the gelatin sachet. I added sugar and gelatin and prepared according to the instructions on the envelope. I placed a layer of gelatin, put it in the fridge for a few minutes, then another layer and so on.

. Meanwhile: if the gelatin hardens, put it on the fire and heat it slightly. For the final shine, heat a metal paddle or a spoon on the fire and quickly place it on top of the gelatin.

Is there a football field built on both hemispheres of the Earth?

When it comes to football weirdos, Estadio Milton Correa, also known as Zerao, from Brazil, could easily enter the top 3. The reason? On the arena in the Brazilian city of Macapa, the midfield line coincides with the Equator line.

The stadium in Macapa was built in 1990 and has a capacity of 13,680 spectators. Estadio Milton Correa is nicknamed "Zerao", which in Portuguese means "big zero".

Here, six football teams play as hosts: Amapá Clube, Esporte Clube Macapá, Oratório Recreativo Clube, Trem Desportivo Clube, Santos Futebol Clube (AP) and São Paulo Futebol Clube (AP).

Here, the middle line dividing the land coincides with the Equator line. In other words, in every football game played here, one team defends the northern hemisphere and the other team defends the southern hemisphere of the Earth.

The Equator line passes through the center of the field

Football field with 30,000 seats, in Timisoara

In the ordinary meeting of the Timiş County Council, it was voted to hand over to the Ministry of Regional Development, through the National Investment Company, the “land location and ensuring the conditions” in order to build the new stadium. It will have twice the number of existing seats on the current stadium that will be demolished, being morally worn and with the affected resistance structure.

"It is the approach we have taken for some time, we have also clarified the patrimonial situation. In this project, we submitted the land to the National Investment Company. Of course, there are still steps to be taken, the county council starting the documentation for demolition, CNI starting the documentation for construction. At the moment of carrying out the feasibility study to the company, we are waiting for the Government Decision which will have two important points: to approve the feasibility study with the technical-economic indicators and to approve the demolition of the sports base. According to the law, we must obtain a Government Decision for the demolition of the sports base and the construction of a new sports base ", explained Călin Dobra, the president of the Timiș County Council. He also specified that the Government and the National Investment Company have assumed the realization of the project.

How can you make a football cake?

A soccer cake can be made by baking a round cake as well as a square, then splitting and cutting the square to fit around the round cake to form a soccer shape. The cake is then decorated with brown icing and white stripes to look like lace.

A football cake can be made with the help of any favorite scratch cake recipe or by using a boxing mix. The glaze can also be purchased or made from home. To make a football cake:

Step 1: Prepare the cake pie

It should be enough to make an 8-inch round cake and an 8-inch square cake. Most mixtures contain enough products for both and only require the addition of water, oil and eggs.

Step 2: Bake the cakes

First, prepare the dishes by covering them with butter or nonstick cooking spray. Then, divide the dough evenly between the pans and bake at the temperature indicated on the box or in the recipe until a toothpick inserted in the center of the cake comes out clean.

Step 3: Form the cake

Divide the cake diagonally to make two triangles. Then place the cut edges on the sides of the round cake and cut a rounded piece off the cut edges to fit around the round cake. This will result in a form of football that can be cut as needed.

Step 4: Decorate the cake

Wrap the outside with a thick layer of greasy chocolate icing. Then white glaze pipe in the center to resemble the pattern of football laces.

Fast Soccer Half Ball Cake

Select the weight / composition before ordering the desired product

For the compositions Jamaica, Joffre and Mascota the price is 133 lei / kg
The cake can vary by +/- 300 grams

cocoa syrup top, chocolate cream, diplomat cream, peanut butter, roll sheet, decorated with sugar paste

syrupy cocoa top, two layers of chocolate cream and cherries in alcohol, roll sheet, and in the middle, diplomat cream with peach compote, decorated sugar paste

rolling pin with cocoa, milk chocolate cream, decorated with sugar paste

syrupy cocoa top, chocolate cream and cherries in alcohol, tiramisu cream with nes and chopped walnuts, roll sheet, decorated with sugar paste

roll sheet, cream offers with chocolate, butter and rum flavor, decorated with sugar paste

cocoa top syrup with burnt sugar syrup, chocolate cream, roll sheet, decorated with sugar paste

syrupy cocoa top, dark chocolate cream, cold vanilla cream with compote peach, roll sheet, decorated with sugar paste

Liverpool football field cake

If every particle of the cake is not fantastically good, simply let us know and we will refund your money.

Customer opinions

Syrup of vanilla syrup, Belgian white chocolate mousse and banana cream.

Do figurines cost extra?

The figurines are not paid separately, they are included in the price of the cake, if you want additional figurines of a certain model, the price of the cake can change

How do you organize the delivery?

Delivery is ensured by us with refrigerated machines in food safety conditions and optimal temperature

We deliver anywhere in Bucharest and in the surrounding areas

Can cakes be tasted?

Upon request, we organize tastings of favorite compositions, we invite you to the laboratory.

Where are the products made?

Our cakes are produced in our own laboratory, so we control the entire manufacturing process from the ingredients to the slice of cake on the plate.

How do you organize the delivery?

We know how important delivery time is, so we strive for the cake to arrive on time every time. Alternatively, you can pick up the cakes from our lab.

What is the expiration date?

The shelf life is 24 hours from the time of delivery because they have natural ingredients that are perishable

What ingredients do you use?

Because we make cakes especially for children, our ingredients are of the highest quality, we use only homemade, Belgian Callebaut chocolate, fruit, butter, mascarpone, milk, fresh eggs. We do not use and will not use powders, premixes or substitutes of any kind, surrogate creams, margarine or the like.

What models can I order, are the pictures real?

Upon request, we can make any model sent and the pictures of the cakes on the site are made by us

How do I place an order?

An order can be made online, by phone 0727 709 344 or by email: [email protected]

When are the cakes prepared?

Our cakes are prepared a few hours before delivery, so everything is very fresh and appetizing

When can I order the cake?

The order can be made at least 24-48 hours before the event, it is ideal to order as early as possible

Do you issue a certificate of conformity?

Each cake that leaves the laboratory is accompanied by the certificate of conformity required for the location of the event

Additional Information:

Because we are talking about an artistic cake, the final weight can differ by +/- 300 grams from the requested quantity, which is valid for children's cakes. For christening or wedding cakes, the margin of error is +/- 500g.

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