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11 Things You Didn’t Know About 7-Eleven (Slideshow)

11 Things You Didn’t Know About 7-Eleven (Slideshow)

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They’re not called Slurpees in Oklahoma!

Their Early Name Was Tote'm Stores

In 1928, a manager placed a totem pole in front of his store after taking a trip to Alaska, and it got such positive feedback that not only was an additional totem pole placed in front of every store, the name was changed to “Tot’em Stores.” The play on words (you also toted away your items) worked.

Ice Was the Key to Their Success

Group/ Thinkstock

It was a brilliant move to open sell convenience items directly out of the ice house itself, because their refrigeration needs were already taken care of.

There are About Twice as Many in Japan as The US

There are 53,516 locations of 7-Eleven worldwide, with the largest market being Japan, home to about 16,664 locations. There are only 8,170 in the US, and 7,816 in Thailand.

The Name Was Changed to Reflect Their Operating Hours

The company expanded its operating hours after World War II as the economy began to improve, to an unheard-of 7 a.m. opening time and 11 p.m. closing time. Hence the name!

It Went Bankrupt in 1931 and 1998

iStockPhoto/ Thinkstock

The Great Depression sent the chain into bankruptcy in 1931 (even though the stores remained open), and in 1998 it was rescued from bankruptcy by the Japanese company Ito-Yokado, its largest franchisee, which resulted in the closure of several locations. Today 7-Eleven is a subsidiary of Seven & I Holdings Co., which is also owned by Ito-Yokado.

Their First 24-Hour Store Opened in Austin in 1962

The reason the store went 24-7? The customers wanted it. The following year, 24-hour locations also opened in Fort Worth, Dallas, and Las Vegas.

They Have Their Own Wine Label, Yosemite Road

In 2009, the company released two low-priced proprietary wines called Yosemite Road, sold in the United States and Japan. At the 7-Elevens where it’s available in the U.S., you can buy a bottle for just $3.99!

Slurpees and Big Gulps Failed in Japan

Slurpees and Big Gulps were introduced in Japanese stores in the early 1980s, but never really caught on so they were discontinued. Slurpees have made a comeback, but the machines are operated differently.

7-Elevens in Oklahoma sell “Icy Drink” instead of Slurpees

If you stop into a 7-Eleven in Oklahoma and ask for a Slurpee, you’ll get nothing but a funny look. Locations in the state are independently-owned due to an agreement reached in 1953, so they have a slightly different product line. Along with selling Icy Drink instead of Slurpees, they also sell baked goods instead of hot dogs and nachos.

They Give Out Free Slurpees on July 11 Every Year

Because it’s 7-11. Get it?

Locations in Japan Sell Completely Different Stuff

Japanese 7-Elevens also sell video games and consoles, CDs, DVDs, digital cardreaders, Christmas cakes, chocolates, and fireworks.

20 things you didn’t know about Trader Joe’s

There are dozens of supermarket brands out there, but none are quite like Trader Joe’s. Just setting foot in one will tell you that you’re someplace special: The walls are colorfully painted, the employees are wearing Hawaiian shirts, and most of the products don’t resemble any that you’ve ever seen before. We tracked down 20 facts that we bet you didn’t know about Trader Joe’s, even if you’re a regular shopper.

The history of Trader Joe’s begins with, as you might expect, a man named Trader Joe: Joe Coulombe, to be exact. In 1958, Coulombe launched a small chain of convenience stores in the greater Los Angeles area called Pronto Market, but after realizing that competition from a burgeoning chain called 7-Eleven would likely drive it into the ground, he decided to introduce a new concept. The tiki trend was in full swing, so in 1967 he opened the first Trader Joe’s, a play on the name of popular tiki restaurant chain Trader Vic’s.

By 1972, Coulombe knew that the average American was traveling more and developing tastes for foods that were impossible to find at the average supermarket, so along with cedar-planked walls and Hawaiian shirt-wearing employees, he rolled out granola, the first in a line of foods under the Trader Joe’s private label. Coulombe was also a big fan of California wines, and the original Trader Joe’s (which still exists in Pasadena) sold literally every California wine that was available, helping to put many vineyards on the map.

In 1973, a trip to Trader Joe’s would have offered you many items that you won’t find today, like pantyhose, which was sold until 1978. In 1975, they started cutting and wrapping cheese for the first time, and in 1977 they expanded their private label with fun names like Trader Ming’s, Trader Giotto’s, and Pilgrim Joe and introduced the first reusable canvas grocery bag. In 1979, Coulombe cashed out and sold the company to German entrepreneur Theo Albrecht, who also owned the German supermarket chain Aldi Nord Trader Joe’s is still owned by his heirs today. By the late 1980s, the chain had expanded into Northern California, in 1993 the first Arizona location opened. 1995 brought expansion into the Pacific Northwest, and in 1996, the first two East Coast locations opened outside Boston.

Between 1990 and 2001, the number of store locations quintupled and revenue shot through the roof as they rolled out on average 10 new items per week. During this time, they also introduced supermarket innovations like paper bags with handles. In 2002, they introduced one of their most notorious products: a $1.99 bottle of wine, produced by Charles Shaw, that was actually decent. It came to be known as “Two Buck Chuck” (the price in most locations has since gone up to $2.99).

Trader Joe’s found success by anticipating the needs of their customers - in many cases knowing what the customer would want even before they did - and selling it to them at a low price in a fun atmosphere. Today, there are nearly 460 stores across the United States according to the company, with the majority in California but more being added regularly. Click here for 20 fun Trader Joe’s facts to keep in mind the next time you pay them a visit, and learn some things you didn’t know about the products sold at Trader Joe’s here.

No. 1: You are more likely to become pregnant with twins naturally when you are in your 30s and 40s.

We all hear that the older we get, the harder it is to conceive, but advancing age may actually increase the likelihood of a twin pregnancy, says Abdulla Al-Khan, MD, the director and chief of maternal and fetal medicine and surgery at Hackensack University Medical Center in New Jersey. "Once you are 25 or into your 30s and 40s, ovulatory cycles are not regular anymore. If you are not regular and do ovulate, you could be ovulating two follicles at the same time." Voila! A twin pregnancy -- without assisted reproductive technologies.

10 Things You Need To Know Before Drinking Another Slurpee

You won't believe where they were originally created.

If nothing else, 7-Eleven will forever be synonymous with the Slurpee. The super-sweet frozen drink has garnered a cult following, especially during its virtually free promotions. But there's plenty you didn't know about the iconic slush that's worth a closer look.

1. It was created back in 1965.

A happy accident led to the first Slurpee. After the soda fountain at one Dairy Queen broke, the owner stashed soda in a freezer. People loved it, and he decided to build a machine specifically for mixing and freezing the combination of water, flavoring, and sugar. It's essentially a hybrid of both a soda fountain and an ice cream freezer in one. Carbon dioxide (CO2) was added to the recipe to make the drink smoother and give it that extra fizzy, fluffy effect that people are still obsessed with today.

2. There was once only two flavors.

Coke and cherry were the sole options when the Slurpee &mdash named for the "slurp" sound it makes when you sip it through a straw &mdash was first offered in stores.

3. Specialty cups are real collector's items.

Since the '70s, 7-Eleven has issued limited-edition cups emblazoned with sports stars, popular cartoon characters, comic book heroes, video games, blockbuster movies, and even rock bands.

4. Slurpee mixology is a thing.

According to market research, 41 percent of Slurpee drinkers never mix their flavors. But 37 percent say they always do, while the remaining 21 percent will mix every once in a while. But what exactly are they mixing? One of the most popular combos is Coke and a fruit flavor on top, like Wild Cherry or Piña Colada.

5. The "Suicide Slurpee" takes serious guts.

You've got to be pretty damn daring to attempt this, which involves mixing every single flavor from the row of dispensers &mdash which could range from cola to bubble gum to sour apple.

6. Some flavors can get pretty freaking weird.

Presented without comment are "Grapermelon," Banana Cream Pie, Red Licorice, "Purple S-Cream," "Slurpurita Pomegranate," and "Shrek-alicious" (a tie-in with Shrek).

7. Candy is always an option.

As if the Slurpee wasn't already sweet enough, it's been given flavor injections from some of your favorite treats &mdash like Sour Patch and Skittles.

8. Slurpees have been turned into donuts.

No, really. You can drink your Slurpee and eat it, too. The chain of convenience stores released a cake donut laced with pink sprinkles and topped with Wild Cherry icing.

9. It inspired the frozen margarita.

Dallas restaurant owner and inventor of the frozen marg machine, Mariano Martinez, cited the Slurpee as his original inspo. Taco Tuesday has never been the same.

10. You can score free slushes a few times each year.

From Name Your Price Day to Bring Your Own Cup Day, 7-Eleven offers plenty of opportunities for you to score free &mdash or enormous, or super cheap &mdash Slurpees throughout the year.

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I've joked about the potency in a bag of Flamin' Hot Cheetos, but these snacks have been the reason for one too many hospital visits. People who eat large amounts of Flamin' Hot Cheetos have had chest and stomach pains, as well as their poop turning red from the dye.

What makes these Cheetos "flaming hot" is as much of a secret as the Krabby Patty formula. The public has no idea what combination of spices is used in the recipe.

The bag lists, "Flamin' Hot Seasoning" as an ingredient, but the maltodextrin in it doesn't give us much insight into the spicy factor. The world may never know.

Healthy Options On The Go – Stop In At 7-Eleven

Compensation was provided by 7-Eleven via MomTrends. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of 7-Eleven or Momtrends.
It’s fun to be a mom always on the go. In between school and activities finding small moments to have fun with our children is important. Especially as the sun is out and we head into summer we are spending more and more time on the go.

Keeping snacks readily available is something I have learned is very important. As a mom of three I need to stay prepared when my kids are hungry. Yet more often than not they half finish their snack at home and find themselves hungry just as we’re leaving the house.

That’s when we stop in our neighborhood 7-Eleven store for their Fresh Foods. There’s so many Fresh Foods at your local 7-Eleven store. Salads, sandwiches, fresh fruits, cheese, and there’s also Bistro Snack packs with mini pitas, cheddar cheese cubes, red grapes, celery, baby carrots and hummus. The perfect solution for hungry kiddos on the go! With all of our activities going on we still make time to play at the park. Whether learning to ride a bike, playing a family game of tag, or just enjoying the simplicity of a ride down a fast slide it’s nice to get together and make those moments happen.

With active kids comes plenty of snacks so I can easily take any of the Fresh Foods from 7-Eleven on the go. The sandwiches are filling and made with whole wheat bread. The perfect afternoon snack for an active kid. 7-Eleven’s fresh foods are prepared in local kitchens and delivered to stores daily ensuring premium quality and the ultimate freshness. Our youngest is quite the picky eater and fast food won’t cut it. I like that 7-Eleven has things she will actually eat like fresh fruits like her favorites, strawberries!

7-Eleven Fresh Foods are meant to be an easy choice for healthy food on the go. As families get busier and busier and as summer comes and we spend more time on the road it’s nice to have the option for healthy meals and snacks.

  • 170,437 sandwiches sold each day
  • 71 million bananas sold each year
  • 13.3 million apples sold each year
  • 13.6 million fruit cups sold each year
  • 2.8 million yogurt parfaits sold each year
  • Nearly 30 million donuts, brownies and muffins baked

7-Eleven can also keep your family healthy on the road this summer. Making better choices while travelling gets a little easier with the Fresh Foods selection. 7-Eleven has better choices and it’s making it mom’s favorite go-to food stop on the road.

Visit 7-Eleven for more information. Also stay social with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

What are your family’s favorite healthy snacks on the go?

11 Foods You Probably Didn't Know Were Low-Calorie

Feel free to indulge in these surprisingly guilt-free options.

In general, I try not to worry about calories and I'm usually pretty happy to eat anything in moderation. Nevertheless, I still like to know what indulgences I can accept for myself without fear of becoming a balloon at any moment. Bear in mind, though, that the term "caloric" is relative, and doesn't always equate to "healthy." Here's a list of 11 surprisingly low-calorie food and drinks:

This article was written by our friends at Spoon University.

If you can summon the will power, restricting yourself to 1 stick of a normal Kit-Kat bar will add up to only 54 calories (the whole candy has 218 calories).Here's a list of ways to recreate the Kit-Kat and some of your other favorite chocolate bars.

It all comes down to moderation. For two tasty chicken McNuggets, you consume an inconsequential 85 calories.

Having seen the option above, you were probably wondering in gloomy silence what you could possibly do with two naked nuggets. Don't worry, each packet of ketchup is only 10 calories. Even if you wanted a full quarter cup of tasty tomato sauce to accompany your treat, you would still only be consuming a measly 67 calories. If you're looking to branch out beyond the traditional tomato sauce, check out Heinz's new Sriracha-flavored ketchup sauce.

When your friends all want some drunk eats at one of our favorite all-american restaurants but you're hoping not to go too overboard, choose Wendy's chicken burger for a hearty 360 calorie meal packed with 34 grams of protein. Take off the top bun and save yourself another 110 calories!

It's very easy to go down a treacherous, highly caloric path when eating at Chipotle. But, stay away from the cheese, tortilla and guac (your wallet will thank you, too!) and pack your bowl with a lettuce base. Fill it up with carnitas, black beans, fajita veggies and green tomatillo salsa: you can still feel stuffed for just 260 calories. Here are some more ideas on how to eat healthy at Chipotle.

If you love a frothy, milky coffee but you're afraid of what it might do to your strict health regime, take pleasure in the fact that a Tall, 12oz serving of Starbucks cappuccino with non-fat milk comes out to only 60 calories. Check out these ideas on how to keep cutting down on calories when you order at Starbucks.

This one may surprise you, but Champagne has roughly 90 calories per glass. A lot safer for your calorie counting than even red wine (approximately 125 calories per 5 fl oz).

Even though it's full of healthy fats, this superfood has gotten a bad rap for its caloric content. However, half an avocado comes out to 160 calories, which is even less than a 190 calorie chocolate chip cookie dough Quest bar. Try some of these recipes and have yourself a healthy and filling meal.

Who would have thought? Pickled cucumbers, also known as the beloved pickle, are one of the lowest calorie snacks you can indulge in. One medium sized pickle comes out to a whopping 7 calories. Dig in.

Settle in for a movie night people because we have the low-calorie movie snack for you. For each cup of microwave popcorn you are only consuming 64 calories. With a number that low, you can feel free to spice up your popcorn with this recipe.

If you have a sugar craving and you're craving for something crunchy, look no further. Kellogg's Apple Jacks is the lowest calorie cereal out there, coming out to 100 calories per cup. Here's what to add to that bowl if you're feeling adventurous.

11 Must know Dishwashing Tips for Indian utensils

1. Rinse before putting it in the Kitchen sink:

Scrubbing dried food stuck to your plate and bowls make life miserable, so do yourself a favor rinse all pot, dishes and mug with water before leaving them in the sink.

2. Soak Pressure Cooker and Idli Cooker:

Kickstart your dishwashing process by soaking of idli pans and pressure cookers with water at least for 10 minutes. It helps in removal of dhal, gravy as well as leftover idli chunks in idli pan without much scrubbing.

3. Deal burnt dishes with hot water:

Accidentally brunt your food? don’t fret. I have a tip to save you. Remember the rule hotter the water easier it is to remove the residue. Soak up the burnt pans with hot water and a drop of dishwashing liquid to loosen up the burnt food.

4. Sparkling Glassware:

Hard water leaves annoying marks on glassware. To avoid this, immediately dry your glassware in upside-down position in racks designed for it or on a kitchen towel. You can also transfer some vinegar to spraying bottle and spritz some vinegar on the glasses while washing for extra shine.

5. Don’t clog the drain:

Remove the food waste that accumulates in the drain sieve after every wash. If you leave it as such and let it collect, you will end up with a stinky sink and I know that you don’t want it.

6. Do not mix them:

Do not mix serving plates and bowls with cooking vessels while washing. I use to make this mistake earlier, the grease from the pan and cooker make the plates and bowls oily, and I ended up spending more time in cleaning. I avoid mixing them up in the kitchen sink. Before washing serving dishes, I pre-soak cooking utensils in a separate place thus, I was able to manage things efficiently.

7. Dry and Wash Iron Utensils Immediately:

Iron utensils must be cleaned immediately after cooking, so as soon as you have cleaned the iron pans, it has to be dried thoroughly to avoid rusting. I heat my iron utensils on low flame immediately after washing, as soon as all the water has evaporated I apply a few drops of oil in it and store it in a dry place until next use.

8. Best way to clean Mixer grinder:

In Indian cooking, we end up using mixier jars quite often. Clean them immediately after use to avoid the accumulation of dirt and grease getting stuck to the grooves of the jar. The best way to wash a mixer jar is by adding a drop of dishwashing liquid and a little amount of warm water and run the mixie for 5 seconds, all the grease and powders from the jar will loosen up. Follow it with a quick wash with water, and you are done. Also, do not forget to clean the spillovers on the mixie immediately to avoid staining of the mixie.

9. Clean Gas Stove before going to bed:

Do not go to bed before cleaning up the gas stove. It is easy to clean the oil and spillovers when it is not dry if you leave it overnight, it will dry up and it will be hard to remove. Tackle the gas stove as soon as you finish all the cooking. I spray some water mixed with dishwashing liquid and wipe it off with a kitchen sponge or towel. I use scotch brite kitchen sponge, it comes in quite handy in cleaning up kitchen space and dining table.

10.Cleaning Order:

Work on cleaning the dishes in the following order. It makes life simple.

  1. Glassware
  2. Cutlery
  3. Plates
  4. Bowl
  5. Pots & Pans ( Pre-soaking required)
  6. Cookers ( Pre-soaking required)
  7. Iron pans

11. Dishwashing gel:

Many people are using dishwashing gel without diluting it with water. If you use it as such it will make your hands dry. Always dilute the dishwashing liquid before using it – add a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid or gel 1/2 cup of water, mix well, and you are ready to go. I have changed my dishwashing liquid to a hand wash dispensing bottle, and I feel that it is easy to use it this way compared to the plastic container in which we get it. If you are allergic to detergents, do wear a gloves before washing the dishes.

Hope this article was helpful to you, if you have any other dishwashing tips, do leave it in our comment section.

11 Heart Healthy Things To Do Today So You Can Live Longer

As much as we love Singapore’s warm weather, the heat can be dangerous for those who have heart disease, are over the age of 50, or are overweight.

One in every four deaths is caused by heart disease, so try these things that are naturally good for your heart. As much as we love Singapore’s warm weather, the dog days of high summer can be especially dangerous for those who have heart disease, are over the age of 50, or are overweight, according to the American Heart Association. Protect your ticker all year round with these good-for-your-heart tips:

Traditionally, taking an ECG (electrocardiogram) reading means you have to visit a doctor, get hooked up to a machine and then have these readings printed out for the cardiologist to analyse. That’s all about to change with the new Apple Watch update which has just been rolled out for the Apple Watch Series 4.

Using the ECG app, you can now monitor your heart beat using the electronic heart sensor, which is able to detect atrial fibrillation (AFib), a type of arrhythmic heart beat. Because the Apple Watch is on your wrist most of the time, it’s easy to record these readings and have them downloaded to your phone. The Apple Watch has been tested to be able to detect AFib, and notify you to check with a medical practitioner if there is any irregularity in your heartbeat.

While it’s not a replacement for professional medical advice, the Apple Watch will be able to complement any follow ups with your doctor with real-time readings whenever you’re feeling discomfort, or suspect skipped and irregular heartbeats.

Sipping on pomegranate juice and snacking on dates is a heart-healthy combo, according to Israeli researchers. Drinking half a glass of pomegranate juice paired with three dates can help keep plaque from building up in your arteries.

There are plenty of benefits to going vegetarian. Those who ate 70 percent of their food from plant sources had a 20 percent lower risk of dying from heart disease than those who ate more meat.

The diet typical for people in countries around the Mediterranean has been shown to reverse metabolic syndrome and drastically reduce the risk for diabetes. Greek researchers also found that adopting a Mediterranean diet can reduce heart disease risk by 47 per cent.

Energy drinks have been shown to raise resting blood pressure, according to Mayo Clinic researchers, which could increase the risk for a heart attack. Those who typically drank less caffeine were affected the most by this blood pressure spike.

For those with hearts that are already damaged from a previous heart attack, taking omega-3 fatty acid supplements may help protect against further health declines. Researchers found that taking prescription omega-3 capsules for six months had greater improvements in heart function and less fibrosis.

Ironically, the food that protects against heart disease may be a notoriously fatty one: cheese. Danish researchers found that people who ate cheese had higher fecal levels of butyrate, a compound produced by gut bacteria. These people also had lower cholesterol.

Strengthen your heart with love. Sounds a little cheesy, but according to research from the journal Spirituality in Clinical Practice, patients with better moods had better sleep, less fatigue, and lower levels of inflammatory biomarkers related to cardiac health.

According to research published in the journal Heart, eating up to 100 grams of chocolate daily was linked to an 11 percent decrease in heart disease and stroke risk. Plus, those who ate chocolate had a 25 percent lower risk of death.

Pollution doesn’t just affect your breathing or allergies it can also hurt your heart. Research from the NYU Langone Medical Center found that people who are exposed to higher levels pollution were 24 percent more likely to suffer from stroke.

Vitamin D may be essential for healthy hearts, especially as you age. Researchers from Loyola University found an association between vitamin D deficiency and not only heart disease, but also other chronic diseases associated with ageing.

11 Things You Will Realise When You Use A Menstrual Cup

I am a pad wearer. Not a tampon user.


I’d tried tampons in the past but it freaked me out too much, so I just stuck with good ol’ pads.

However, pads come with their own issues – anytime you laugh, sneeze, or move a cm in your chair, blood feels like it’s pouring out into your underwear.

It’s freaking disgusting, and something I personally didn’t like but I just put up with.

Then my friend Lisa (from Hanging With The Hays) was RAVING about her own menstrual cup. She said “it’s so much better than pads and tampons – once you use it you’ll never go back”.

So I bought one – from The Hello Cup. I got two sizes – a medium and a large. They recommend a large for women who have had babies, but I honestly wasn’t sure. So I got both.

I’ve given birth through the vajayjay AND through the sunroof so I ended up trying the both sizes and have stuck with the large for now.

Here are some things I didn’t realise when I bought a menstrual cup:


I thought “how the f’k is that gonna fit up my vagina?!” … but it does. I honestly was super skeptical when I opened the box because looking at it opened, my mind seriously couldn’t fathom how it was gonna fit up there. I know that seems weird considering penis’s go in, and babies come out (LOL) but when you look at that gaping hole, you’ll think “REALLY!?”.

It’s really not that much bigger than a tampon when folded


When I realised my uterus tilted backwards (towards my butt), it was way easier for me to insert the cup. I have heard horror stories about how hard it was to insert, but I personally didn’t have any issues. Which was surprising to me considering I’m not even a tampon person haha


You can’t just pull the menstrual cup out. Well you can, but it might hurt. If you’ve inserted it properly, then the cup will be open, and pulling down on it is like when you stick a plunger in your toilet – you’ll suck the inside of your uterus out … well it’s not QUITE like that but it does feel like that.

So before you yank that bad boy out, you gotta “break the seal”. This involves putting your fingers up alongside the cup and pushing on it to let some air in/out (however you look at it).

This was not easy for me, in fact I still struggle with it. Putting my fingers inside my vagina alongside something else that’s already in there, is a bit too much for me. I can do it, but not easily. Some people say “squeeze the bottom and it’ll break the seal” but that doesn’t work for me.

I’m sure with time this will get easier, but I do struggle a bit.


After you leave the cup in for a generous amount of time, it fills up. So when you eventually take it out, there’s a lot of blood in it (well blood mixed with all of the other gooey stuff). I was genuinely surprised each time how much was in the cup.


The first time I successfully broke the seal on the cup, the cup came out so easily it kind of threw the blood all over the toilet bowl and it looked like a murder scene from Dexter. The blood can sometimes go everywhere – in the bowl, ON the bowl, ON YOUR HANDS.


Before menstrual cups, waking up in the morning was like opening the flood gates. It wasn’t pretty. With the menstrual cup, you can actually wear it to bed, so when you wake up in the morning it catches all of the bloody goodness (LOL grosse I know).


My friend did say her periods hurt less with the menstrual cup, but I’m a huge skeptic so I didn’t believe her. SHE IS TELLING THE TRUTH. My period pain is practically non-existent when using the menstrual cup. I don’t have extremely painful periods by any means, but they weren’t pleasant.

Now with the menstrual cup, the pain is pretty much gone.


I feel like I know myself a little better. It’s only been a few months so I’ve got a lot more to learn. But I’ve shoved my fingers up my bloody vagina a whole lot more than I ever thought I’d do.


Although I had no issue inserting the menstrual cup, I know loads of people do. All good things take time and in this instance, it is no different. Give yourself a break and remember that it might take longer than you thing to get the hang of it. Like I said above, I’ve only been using it for a few months and I’ve still got things to learn – but I’m not giving up!


Total myth. If you know how the vagina works, you’ll know it has literally got nowhere to go. You can push it up “as far as it goes” and it still won’t “get lost”. That’s not a thing.

If you feel like “holy shit I can’t find it”, just squat and bear down (push as if you’re pooping) and that thing will show itself. Trust me.


Every now and then I take the cup out, and go back to pads and it’s just not the same. I hate moving and blood flows out – I hate that feeling. Now that I’ve experienced what it’s like with the menstrual cup, I’ll never go back to just pads.

I know not everyone’s experience is the same, and I’ve seen some people say that it just wasn’t for them – and that’s honestly the truth.

Nothing is perfect for everyone, and if you’re interested then you really need to give it a go. It might not work the first month, so try again the next. Don’t give up.

I can honestly say, that I am sold on the menstrual cup.

I bought my first one from The Hello Cup and used it for 4 months and then decided it wasn’t quite the right fit for me – so I’ve just recently changed to OI from the Countdown Supermarket.

Please remember that no two uterus’s are the same – what works for me might not work for you!

Have you tried a menstrual cup? What did you think?