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Sarmale with sour cabbage and mice

Sarmale with sour cabbage and mice

Start by desiccating the cabbage if necessary. Put a pot of boiling water with a pinch of salt to scald the mouse for a few minutes, then remove and cut 2 cm / 5 cm strips.

Then chop the onion finely and put it in a pan to fry until it becomes copper, add 2-3 tablespoons of tomato paste and previously washed rice and add another 1/2 cup of water, leave for a few minutes. it is suppressed and then left to cool completely.

Meanwhile, slice the cabbage leaf, exactly for the desired size of the cabbage. After the rice has cooled, mix it with the pork and smoked neck, egg, salt, pepper, greens and start wrapping the cabbage rolls: take a cabbage leaf, put a slice of mice on it and then put a teaspoon of the composition of meat and after I have finished all the composition and the leaves, take the remaining cabbage and finely chop it, fidelita.

We take the bowl in which we will boil the sarmales in my case I use the Zepter kettle as I call it and we put optional dill sticks then we pour the oil and we place the chopped cabbage and the tomato paste and we start by placing the sarmales, I put them on their feet so that they enter more many in a row and can be easily served and then add the rest of the cabbage and soup from where we boiled the mouse and put them to boil either on the stove or in the oven.

They are delicious and I wish you good appetite !!!!!!!!

Sarmale with poultry


  • 700 g minced chicken
  • 1.8 kg of white sauerkraut
  • an onion
  • 50 g of tomato paste
  • a teaspoon of paprika
  • 75 g of rice,
  • thyme, salt and pepper to taste
  • 150 g canned tomatoes
  • parsley (for decoration)

Method of preparation

Onions are cleaned, washed and finely chopped. Remove the cabbage stalks, choose cabbage rolls and cut the rest finely. Tomato paste is diluted in 50 ml of water. The rice is washed, half boiled in salted water. Saute the onion in oil with 50 ml of water, cool, mix with the meat. Then add the rice, salt and pepper.

The resulting composition is wrapped in cabbage leaves. The sarmales thus prepared are placed next to each other in a saucepan, over a layer of chopped cabbage, so that the middle remains empty. Then top with finely chopped cabbage so that the sarmales are covered.

Sprinkle thyme on top, add tomato paste, paprika and the necessary boiled water. Cover the dish and place in the oven over medium heat. After 20-30 minutes, add the tomatoes and continue cooking. When ready, serve with parsley.

Sarmale in pickled cabbage leaves

Sarmalele is an extremely tasty traditional Romanian dish with which we have been noticed countless times. A complete, extremely tasty dish, prepared by housewives in a lot of ways. Below we tell you the recipe for sauerkraut in sauerkraut! Here's what you need to make the best stuffed cabbage.

How to make sauerkraut in sauerkraut!

1. The cabbage is broken into sheets, washed, left to desalinate and desecrated, if necessary, then cleaned of stalks and placed the sheets that look best on a plate. Cabbage leaves that are not suitable for stuffing, chop finely.

2. Meanwhile, fry the finely chopped onion a little in a hot pan with oil, add the well-washed rice in hot water and drained, fry together for 1-2 minutes, stirring constantly. Then add 2-3 tablespoons of tomato paste and quench everything with 1 glass of water. Now let it boil uncovered until the rice starts to swell and the sauce starts to drop. Leave to cool, and then this composition mixes well with minced meat, salt, pepper, thyme, paprika.

Now we start preparing the sarmale recipe in sauerkraut!

3. Fill each cabbage leaf with a teaspoon of the composition and roll the sarmales gently so that they do not come apart when boiled.

4. Finely chop the cabbage and mix well with a tablespoon of oil, the rest of the tomato paste and spices.

5. In a saucepan with a thicker bottom, first place a layer of chopped cabbage, then arrange the stuffed cabbage in layers, leaving a circular gap in the middle, which is filled with chopped cabbage.

Sprinkle chopped cabbage on top. Pour 2-3 glasses of heated water, cover the pan with a suitable lid and bring to a boil over low heat. The sauerkraut in pickled cabbage leaves is left for a few hours, twisting the pan from time to time, so as not to catch the bottom stuffing and smoke.

6. When cooked, put the sarmales in the oven to brown nicely.

The recipe for sauerkraut in sauerkraut is ready!

Sarmale in pickled cabbage leaves

Sarmalele are served hot or cold with cream and greens!

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Recipe: Sarmale in pickled or sour cabbage leaves

When you want to make sauerkraut in sauerkraut (or sour cabbage, as it is also called in Banat), I give you a piece of advice: when choosing your cabbage from the market, choose the one with the thin leaf. The best is the cabbage which has a yellow to greenish color.

This time, I took the cabbage from Billa (it was packed in a plastic bag), and it was excellent.

Put the cabbage in cold water for a few hours, at & # 8220desalt & # 8221. Then take leaf by leaf and cut to the desired size. From each leaf, cut the stalks, the hard ends of the leaf. Then, if you want smaller cabbages, make small leaves. But to have them prepared in advance, to be easier when you pack the sarmales.

In addition to the cabbage head, you also need:

  • 1 kg of minced meat (I took a mixture of pork and beef)
  • 2 cups rice
  • a large onion
  • 2 eggs
  • salt
  • pepper
  • 2 strands of smoked sausage
  • a piece of smoked rib (or ladder)

Cut the onion into scales and harden a little. Mix the meat with the rice, then add the hardened onions and mix. Add the raw eggs, then match the taste with salt and pepper. Be careful not to add too much salt, because it's also salted cabbage.

Once you have finished the composition, you can move on to the package. Take the leaf in your left hand, place the filling, bend the bottom of the leaf over the meat, then roll the leaf and the other end is & # 8220stead & # 8221 with your finger so that the composition does not comes out of the leaf.

In a large pot, place the ends of the leaves on the bottom, along with other & # 8220rupt & # 8221 or cabbage scraps, so that the bottom of the pot is covered.

Then put the smoked ribs, then a row of sarmale, then a row of sausage, cut into pieces. Then put the rest of the sarmale.

Put water in the pot until it reaches the last row of sarmale, but do not cover it.

Place a plate with the bottom up, and place a large cup (or mug, as I put it) with water on the plate. It's a secret from Maramures. Thus, the sarmales boil better.

If you like it, share it with your friends!


For sarmale:
3 cabbages of about 750g each
1kg minced pork
125g rice
3 onions
3 tomatoes
1 sachet of lamiae salt
Salt, pepper, paprika to taste
A bunch of dried dill
3 bay leaves

For polenta:
250g Malay
1l 1/2 apa

Method of preparation:
Peel an onion, finely chop and fry in oil. When the onion becomes glassy, ​​add a teaspoon of paprika and mix. When the onion is high enough, add the rice and leave it on the fire for about another 2 minutes.

Put the minced pork in a bowl, add salt and pepper to taste and mix. Over this composition add onion and rice hardened and cooled, previously, mixing the composition until smooth.

In a pot, put 2 liters of water, salt to taste and put it on the fire until it boils. In this juice we burn the raw cabbage leaves. We put them one by one in the water and leave them until they become soft enough to roll the wire.

To fill the stuffed cabbage, we can use whole cabbage leaves, or if they are too big we cut them in half. Spread the leaf on the chopper, put a spoonful of filling on the leaf and then wrap the wire. The wire does not necessarily have to be packed at both ends, the filling does not spread if we pack it only at one end.

Put the dried dill in two cabbage leaves and roll it.

We cut the remaining cabbage leaves into small pieces.

We put the tomatoes on the grater.

In a pot large enough for the amount of sarmale we are preparing & # 8211 in this case we needed a 5 L pot - we put the bottom of the pot in oil then we put the finely chopped cabbage, over we add the rolled dill in the sheets cabbage, bay leaves and roasted tomatoes. Over all this we start to put the stuffing.

Sprinkle a layer of finely chopped cabbage over the sarmales.
Prepare the juice in which the sarmales are boiled in 2 l of water, 2 tablespoons of salt and a teaspoon of lemon salt. Pour this juice over the sarmale, in the pot and put them to boil on the right heat for about 2 hours.

We can serve the sauerkraut with sour cream and polenta.
Mamaliguta is prepared this way. We put 1l ½ of water in a pot, salt to taste and when the water starts to boil we add the malai in the rain. Stir continuously with a fork or a wooden spoon, so that it doesn't stick. Let it boil for about 20 minutes. Towards the end of the cooking process, if in some cases we want to obtain a very fine and creamy polenta, we put the blender in the pot with polenta - while the polenta is still boiling - and mix until we notice that it becomes creamy. .

The complete recipe, in pictures, can be downloaded here: Cabbage rolls in cabbage leaves (PDF format)

Sarmale from mixed meat and sauerkraut

One thing I can tell you for sure. You will never be able to prepare just a few stuffed cabbage, the quantity will always be higher. That is why you will need a larger amount of meat.

A very important thing is to wash the cabbage with water at first. Thus, the cabbage will remain only as sour as it should be and will not spoil the taste of the sarmales. After washing the cabbage, choose the sheets that allow you to wrap them in sarmale. Make sure the sheets are whole, have no holes. What's left of the cabbage chops finely because you'll need it.

Prepare the meat now. Cut the meat into smaller pieces that you can cut through a mincer. When you have finished all the meat, put it in a large bowl and mix it. It's much better if you do sarmale with cabbage of pork and beef, than of a single type of meat. Then add the rice, finely chopped onion, salt, pepper, thyme and, if you want, you can add an egg. Mix the whole composition very well and start packing the sarmales.

Sarmale with pork in sauerkraut leaves

600 g minced pork, 150-200 g smoked ribs, 150 g mice, 3 onions, 2-3 tablespoons chopped dill, 4 tablespoons rice, tomato paste or tomato juice, 3-4 tomatoes, salt, pepper, spices (thyme, tarragon), peppercorns, 3-4 bay leaves, a sprig of basil, sprig of thyme, 1-2 pieces of sauerkraut

Difficulty: low | Time: 3h

Method of preparation

We prepare the ingredients

Chop the cabbage and put it in hot water to cover it, to remove more salt.
We leave it like this until we get the desired result, tasting the cabbage from time to time and changing the water if necessary.
Heat the lard and sauté the onion and carrot in it, then add the ketchup and leave it on the fire for a few more minutes, chewing from time to time.

Make sour cabbage with mice and pork ribs

Put the well drained cabbage over the mixture on the fire.

Add the bay leaves, thyme sprigs, pepper, dill vines, sliced ​​mouse and sliced ​​garlic.

Mix everything well and put the cabbage in the oven at 180 degrees for more than an hour, taste it from time to time and see when it is ready.

Separately prepare the baked pork ribs in lard and seasoned.

Serve the cabbage with ribs and polenta with sour cream.

You can add garlic and during serving, it will give it a special taste.

I hope you find my sour cabbage recipe with mice and pork ribs useful!

Ingredients for sarmale with meat in sour cabbage leaves

- 300 gr of minced beef

- 3 tablespoons of tomato broth

- 200 gr of smoked bacon (or any kind of smoked meat)

How to prepare sarmale with meat in sour cabbage leaves:

Peel an onion and finely chop it, then fry it in a little oil, over low heat and in a covered bowl, until it becomes glassy. Add the rice kept for a few minutes in cold water and 1 tablespoon of broth. (Put about 2/3 cup of rice). Leave on low heat for 2 minutes, stirring constantly. Add a tablespoon of broth and simmer for another 2 minutes.

In a larger bowl or bowl place the meat, along with the onion and rice with the hardened broth earlier, 1/4 teaspoon ground pepper, 1/2 teaspoon dried thyme, finely chopped dill. Mix well. If the cabbage is salty, do not add salt, and if it is too salty, leave it in warm water for at least an hour before use.

After you have prepared the meat, peel the cabbage leaves from the back, cut the thicker ribs, put the cabbage leaf in your palm, take the meat with a spoon and roll the cabbage leaf around the meat, taking care to cover the cabbage heads with the cabbage, so that the meat does not come out. The wires thus prepared are placed in a fairly large saucepan, side by side, in a circular shape. Place a tablespoon of oil, 2-3 whole cabbage leaves and a 1 cm layer of finely chopped cabbage on the bottom of the pan.

When you have finished making a layer of sarmale, place a spoonful of broth diluted in a cup of water and a few pieces of smoked meat on top of them. Among the broken sarmale and 2 dried bay leaves.

Then continue with another layer of sarmale, then smoke and sarmale again, until you finish them. Place a 1 cm layer of finely chopped cabbage on top of the last layer of cabbage rolls and spread another tablespoon of broth.

Fill with water until it is a few cm longer than the stuffed cabbage. Cover the pan and cook over medium heat for about 40 minutes.

Check from time to time not to drop too much water and top up when needed. Then turn on the low heat and leave until ready, at least another hour. Basically you have to take out a stuffing on a plate and taste it, the cabbage must be well cooked.

If you want, you can boil them in the oven, but it will take a little longer, at least 2-3 hours. But they will be tastier.

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