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Homemade Vanilla Extract

Homemade Vanilla Extract

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This truly is the gift that will keep on giving. DIY homemade vanilla extract is so easy to make and less expensive by volume than store-bought bottles. Let the extract sit for at least a month before using or gifting. The extract can last indefinitely, and once the bottle is empty, you can dry the pods out and add them to a jar of sugar for homemade vanilla-infused sugar.


  • 5 whole vanilla beans, split in half
  • 10-15 ounces vodka

How to Make It

Put split vanilla beans in a glass container that has a tight lid or seal. Pour vodka in the container, making sure to fully submerge the beans. Close containers tightly. Let sit in cool, dry place for at least a month. The color and flavor will get stronger with time.

DIY extracts are not only cheaper than store bought, they are simple to make and easy to dress up as a present. Try making your own extract varieties with your favorite flavors. We tested vanilla, lemon, mint, and almond extracts.

Katherine Flynn

Homemade Extracts

Chef's Notes

Check on bottles weekly, and gently shake them to help the infusion process.

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